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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Illinois--Chicago"

Detailed description of journey by train across the United States with comments about America and descriptions of many towns and cities passed through. Comments on some of his and his companions' activities. Makes several comparisons with Australia.

Top - view across city with Trustees System’s Service building, now Century Tower and the Merchandise Mart. Captioned 'gloomy Chicago's industrial areas'.
Bottom left - view of distant suspension bridge across bay with ship. Captioned 'Golden Gate…

Top - looking down o n river running through city. Captioned 'Birds-eye view of Chicago'.
Bottom left - view of skyscrapers and river. Captioned 'Majestic skyscrapers Chicago'.
Bottom right - looking down at elevated railway and buildings.…

Top left - A woman wearing fur coat standing on path by a car. In the background houses. Captioned 'Jean'.
Top right - Two women wearing fur coats sitting on a bench with a child on lap of lady on the left. In the background bare trees. Captioned…

Top left - Four men and a woman looking in a shop window. Men are wearing tunics and side caps. One is talking to woman, one is looking at camera. Captioned - 'Window shopping in Chicago'.
Bottom right - Column of men in military uniform marching .…


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Cyril Gosling trained as an armourer at Kirby in Blackpool and was first posted to 49 Squadron where he worked on the guns and turrets. As part of his role he would go on flights in the bombers to check the guns accuracy by firing at drogues. On…
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