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Observer’s and air gunner’s flying log book for L Hadfield, wireless operator/air gunner, covering the period from 14 March 1941 to 6 May 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF…

Seven photographs all show the same event, a parade for VIPs on an airfield.
The first shows a party of servicemen with rifles escorting an event taking place in front of a tall flag pole. The event concerning some civilian VIPs, one in a top hat.…

Two photographs of a B 24 Liberator converted for passenger use, it is parked on a large dispersal being serviced by ground crew.


Posed, a sergeant, leading aircraftman and corporal sitting on a ladder, on the inside of a building, leading to the next floor.

Informal, sitting on the grass, leaning against a wooden wall or fence, corporal stripes and police arm band.

Informal, some in uniform some not, most with beer glasses, some sitting on settee some on the floor, pinups on the wall. One man has a bandaged hand. Two photographs, same group first with serious facial expressions, second with cheerful faces.

Six individuals most of them with beer tankards, in a group in the open air, on the reverse, caption 'Photo taken between 2 - 3 am, Icelandic summer outside the Sgts Mess, RAF Reykavik, "Happy Days"'.


All groups consist of both aircrew and ground staff in a variety of working dress including sheepskin jerkins and duffel coat in front of of a Nissen hut with a sign Royal Air Force Embarkation Office.
First is of five individuals posed in two…

Starts with a poem and then a series of stories which together form the memoirs of Harold Yeoman, an officer who served in Bomber Command during the war, initially as a pilot on Wellingtons and then as an Intelligence Officer. He relates his…

After a spell with 512 squadron mostly transportation flights Sam returned to the UK, flying as an instructor.
A the end of 1943 he returned to Bomber Command, 627 Squadron.
There is a photograph of the squadron grouped in front of a Mosquito.

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George Crooks was an apprentice electrician before volunteering for the Royal Air Force at the age of eighteen. After his training he served as an armourer with 50 Squadron at RAF Swinderby and later RAF Skellingthorpe. He later worked experimenting…

Three photographs taken from a scrapbook. The first is six men loading coal into a lorry at Reykjavik. Behind are ship's masts. Captioned 'Coal heaving, Rejkvik August 1941.' The second is a hill covered in fog, captioned 'Coastal Fog. Hetgafels Aug.…

Six men beside a large mound of coal are loading coal into the back of a lorry. Behind them can be seen ship's masts.

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A group of seven men loading coal into the back of a lorry.

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