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George and Barbara with a dog on the beach. On the reverse 'June 28th, 1945. On Ramsey Beach'.

George is leaning on the railings of the promenade. On the reverse 'June 28th, 1945. On Ramsey Promenade just outside the Imperial Hotel'.

Two photographs of Dhoon Glen.
Photo 1 is a waterfall. On the reverse 'June 26th, 1945. Waterfall in Dhoon Glen'.
Photo 2 is Barbara standing beside a tree. On the reverse 'June 26th, 1945. Dhoon Glen That's not a monkey - its me!'

George is sitting on a wooden bridge. On the reverse 'June 26th, 1945 Where Dhoon Glen opens out to the sea'.

George and Barbara leaning on the promenade railings. Barbara in uniform, George dressed casually. On the reverse 'June 28th, 1945 On Ramsey Prom - just outside the Imperial'.

George paddling in the sea. On the reverse 'June 26th, 1945 George giving his feet a treat - Dhoon Bay'.

George, sitting in a field. On the reverse 'June 28th / 45 Maughold Head'.

George is leaning against a rock. On the reverse 'Ramsey May 1945'.

Barbara sitting on a grassy hillside. On the reverse 'Ramsey May 1945'.

Royal Air Force Navigator’s, Air Bomber’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book [cover not shown].
M Moffat’s Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book covering the period 16 June 1943 to 30 March 1944. Hand written note –missing’. Detailing his…

Biplane registered E4360 in water just out from beach. One man by starboard wing and another behind. Several men and one woman walking on the beach in front. On the reverse 'On Douglas Sands Isle of Man, an Avro 504K floatplane of the Avro Transport…

Provides dates and family history from their engagement to after the war including John's time as prisoner of war and in hospital after his return. Lists letters and dates and provides locations of where they were written.

Three photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is Wendy, Peter's mother and Peter sitting with a dog, captioned 'Wendy Mother Self Onchan Isle of Man 1940'.
Photo 2 is Wendy standing outside a semi-detached house, captioned 'Onchan IOM Wendy 1940 -…

Two photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a half length portrait of a woman captioned 'Wendy 1940 -IOM'.
Photo 2 is 3/4 length portrait of a trainee RAF airman and a man and woman, captioned 'Jack & Doris Ford Dunoon - 1942'.

Air observers and navigators flying log book for John Valentine covering the period from 20 September 1941 to 30 May 1942. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF Prestwick, RAF Jurby, RAF Upper Heyford and RAF…

Wonders if this will be last letter to him at Jurby and hopes good weather will allow him to complete bombing training. Reports that Mrs Stenzel will leave next Monday. Mentions problems with new daily help and that his parcels containing soap…

Writes encouraging him to continue to pursue a commission. It would mean a lot to them both, particularly financially. Suggests he should get an interview with squadron commander and tell him how well he had done and that he is under treatment by…

Writes of sorting out family financial and tax issues for her mother. Mentions bomb damage to Westminster Abbey and arrival of his letters. Says she is sending parcels to Jurby.

Writes that she has made cake which she will send and describes gardening and arrival of blackberries. Sending parcel of socks and book..

Thanks him for letter and suggests he does not send butter and eggs. Mentions wife of relative and items she might send him. Concludes with news of baby's weight.

Thanks him for letter and mentions she has sent him a parcel and that a cousin has been reported missing. Says that acquaintance who has been interned has now been classified as friendly alien, she will be released and that she will stay with Ursula…

Writes of days activities including issues with ration cards. Mentions organising savings group and other activities and catches up with baby news. Mentions blackout. Writes that she has had a reply to advertisement and home help has appeared. Talks…
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