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Indicates a single bomb load for operation. Included preselection and distributor and other settings. On the reverse target marking and bombing details. Warning that own troops are 3 miles away from target and crews are only to bomb if red TIs…

Shows a single bomb load for operation. Annotated 'Urft Dam'. Includes preselection, distributor, false height and other settings. Shows Window and other details. On the reverse; bombing heights, note that target is not to be attacked unless target…

Handwritten notes giving brief details of the operations and a newspaper cutting relevant to the Munich operation titled 'RAF out in force, says Berlin'.


Five Group Newsletter, number 29, December 1944. Includes a foreword by the Air Officer Commanding, and articles on tactics, operations, gardening, signals, navigation, this month's bouquets, radar navigation, air bombing, engineering, training,…

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