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A handwritten account of Don Falgate's tour between 10 September 1944 and 7 April 1945. The account includes his observations and calculations about the percentage of aircraft lost. He carried out a total of 32 day and night-time operations on…

Royal Air Force flying log book for Sergeant Kenneth Pope, flight engineer, covering the period 25 September 1944 to 17 May 1945, detailing training, and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF Winthorpe, RAF Syerston, RAF Waddington. Aircraft…

Handwritten notes giving brief details of the operations.


Target photograph of Rheydt. Partially obscured by smoke, dust and bomb explosions, visible area is mainly rural, railway lines, field patterns and houses visible. Captioned '3°F', '5B', '4058 SKELL.27.12.44.// 8" 17500' 052° 1505 RHEYDT. M 14 MC…

Target photograph of Rheydt. Partially obscured by bomb explosions, smoke and dust. Where visible mainly rural, roads and field patterns visible. Captioned '3°F', '4B', '4043 SKELL.27.12.44.// 8" 16250' 055[degrees 15041/2 RHEYT.L. 14 MC 1000 DT.…

Target photograph of Rheydt. Large area obscured by light streaks but roads and open spaces in an urban area visible. Captioned '5°F', '6B', '2524 Skell.19/20.9.44//NT.8" 11000 [arrow] 015° 2154 RHEYDT RD.S.1X2000.12'J'X500.21secs.F/O MARRIS.O.50'.…

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Incomplete pilots flying log book for A A Anderson covering the period from 19 April 1944 to 31 May 1945. Detailing his training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF Bitteswell, RAF Bruntingthorpe, RAF Winthorpe, RAF Syerston, RAF…
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