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John has changed names with another prisoner of war. The Letter suggests a reason for this.

They write with news of family and friends

He asks for his clarinet, two dozen reeds and his concertina.

He hopes all are well.

He is well and hopes they are well.

He has received two letters from his aunt and uncle. It is signed Nephew John.

The card is signed Ron, John, Edwards. They ask if they have received his letter.

The card asks if they are receiving his mail.

The card says they have nothing new to write about but he asks for his concertina and clarinet. It is signed by nephew Ron and John.

Reconnaissance photograph of Görlitz. In the centre is the Neisse Viaduct railway crossing the Neisse River. The main railway station is to the right, with St Jakobus Cathedral just above and to its left. Tree-lined boulevards are also well…

Account of 142 Squadron crew operation to Kassel wriiten by rear gunner Bob Henderson. Was attacked by night fighter and had to bale out. Continues with account of evading and capture. Reunited with wounded crewmates and transported to prisoner of…

The official journal of the Prisoners of War Department of the Red Cross and St John War Organisation. This edition covers the Food Situation about food parcel delivery, Editors comments, Sport reports from the Camps, suggestions for parcel contents,…

The official journal of the Prisoners of War Department of the Red Cross and St John War Organisation. This edition covers the Editors comments, the transport of food parcels, Emergency supplies for the camp, POW cooking, articles about Christmas in…

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The memoir covers Sergeant Officer A Yates' time as a prisoner of war from September 1942 to April 1945. He was initially imprisoned in Stalag VIIIB in Upper Silesia, he was evacuated with 30,000 others to escape the advancing Russian Army. He and a…
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