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Prisoners are visible behind barbed wire, wearing blue and white striped clothes and black shoes. A German soldier is guarding them, armed with a rifle. There are two huts. The white building has a large chimney with black smoke billowing out of it.…

Detail of the Soviet prisoners of war memorial at Bergen-Belsen '1941-1945 Here are burried [sic] 50,000 Soviet prisoners of war tortured to death in German Fashist [sic] captivity'.

An airman is sitting beside the Soviet prisoners of war memorial at Bergen-Belsen. At the top is 'CCCP' and a star. The ground is covered in snow.

Eric Wright in lived in Rotherham at the start of the war. As a school child he says that he did not really understand the implications of it. The family moved to Nottingham and he describes life there, with the air raids and sheltering under the…

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