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Five photographs of Harvards in flight.
#1 is nine Harvards in formation.
#2 is a single Harvard, N588, in close formation.
#3 is six Harvards in close formation.
#4 is two Harvards in formation. On the reverse 'Peeling off'.
#5 is four Harvards…

A large two storey building identified on the reverse as billets at Darr.

A cart pulled by two horses in front of a detached house, 4498 Bemiss Road, Valdosta. On the reverse 'A common scene at Valdosta'.

A street scene with cars and pedestrians, identified on the reverse as Valdosta.

A municipal building identified as the County Building, Valdosta, Georgia.

Atlantic Coast Line switch engine at Valdosta station with a bus in the foreground. On the reverse 'The Chatanooga [Chattanooga] cho cho? Valdosta'.

Identification kindly provide by Curtis Brown and Doug Smith of the Fans of all steam locos…

Two views of Valdosta station and identified on the reverse.

Two large steam locomotives viewed from the side. On the reverse 'The engines that helped us to reach here (Atlanta)'.

Maurice in khaki standing at the front of an Atlantic Coast Line P-5-B locomotive. On the reverse is handwritten 'His worship, Valdosta' and printed 'Maurice on the front of train in Valdosta'.

Identification kindly provided by Doug Smith and…

A view looking out of the back of the train. Single track and trees. On the reverse 'Between Chatenoga [sic] & Atlanta.

Left - trees in field.
Right - long night exposure of city in distance and streets with light lines of car headlights from left and right up to city. Captioned 'Albany at night'.

Left - a two story white barrack block on the far side of a road. Other buildings to the right in trees. Captioned 'Our Barrack Hut'.
Right - a group of men marching with instruments down a street with single story barrack huts behind. To the left…

Left - large group of men marching down a street between white barrack blocks. Captioned 'Returning from Retreat 9 February 1942'.
Right - three airmen wearing battledress and side caps standing in front of a white barrack block. Captioned 'John,…

Left - two two story white barrack blocks on far side of road. Captioned 'The Barrack Hut, 9 February 1942'.
Right - view over a river with trees on banks. Captioned 'The River Flint. 9 February 1942'.

Left - white church amongst trees.
Right - two story white barrack blocks amongst trees in the distance.

Title 'Turner Field'.
Left - white single story building amongst trees.
Right - view down a road with car in the centre. Buildings in the distance.

Top left - a formation of men marching in front of single story barrack blocks.
Top middle - one single story house with cars parked in the drive.
Top right - a women wearing striped dress standing on open ground with trees to the left.

Top left - men on parade in front of two story barrack blocks. Captioned 'Guard of Honour'.
Top middle - an airman wearing tunic sitting on bed in barracks. Captioned 'Stan'.
Top right - an airman in shirtsleeves sitting on chair by bed in…

Top left - view of wooden church surrounded by trees. Captioned 'The church, Turner Field, Georgia'.
Bottom right - view from biplane of open countryside. captioned 'The swamps of Florida taken from PT17 in the air'.

Left - view down city street with cars and buildings either side. Captioned 'Albany Georgia U.S.A. looking down main street Jan 1942'.
Right - side view of steam locomotive. Captioned 'Typical engine of Atlantic Seaboard Railway'.

Left - view across open ground with patchy snow to line of trees in middle distance. captioned 'Canadian winter'.
Centre - view down a train dining car with men sitting at tables. Captioned 'Part of dining car on the way down to Georgia'.
Right -…

Artists impression of rows of single story long white huts joined by covered pathways. Surrounded by trees. Captioned 'Base Hospital Area, Cochran Field, Macon, Georgia'.

Four airman, three wearing unbuttoned tunics and the fourth carrying his tunic over his arm. Two wear side caps. They are standing in line abreast with arms round each other. In the background trees. Submitted with caption 'on a hike from cochran…

Four airmen wearing unbuttoned tunics, who with side caps walking under and arched brick bridge. Submitted with caption 'Macon Gorgia'.
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