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United States Army Air Force certificate showing passed pilot training advanced flying diploma 5 August 1942

A certificate awarded to Maurice for completing his pilot training course.

A card defining cadets limits, on the reverse and cadet officer of the day, cadet in charge of quarters, hospital, special pass or furlough and open post.

Top left - an airman wearing flying suit standing on a path with buildings in the background. Top middle - an airman wearing flying suit standing with his foot on the landing wheel of a Stearman biplane. Top right - an airman wearing tunic and side…

Top left - distant view of white two story building. Top right - Distant view of buildings on left at centre and right. Bottom left - Two buildings one behind the other on the right bot two story. Bottom right - view down a path of a two story white…

Top left - two man in civilian clothes sitting on a wall with a fence and trees in the background. Top right - a view over water of trees, Bottom left - a view over water at trees and buildings. Bottom right - a view over water of trees and a bridge…

Top left - an open air swimming pool. Top right - a group of men some sitting against wall and other standing by a building. Left middle - view over airfield of a hangar. Right middle - a Stearman biplane on apron with two story buildings in the…

Top left - view of a river with trees on near bank and forest on far bank. Top right - view along a river with forest either side. Middle centre - a family of four sitting on a porch in front of a wooden building. Bottom left - a park with scattered…

Top right - a public building with dome and columns and portico over door with a group of people. Cars parked in front. Top right - a two story house with veranda on the right hand side. Centre middle - clock tower on top of public building. Bottom…

Top left - shack in woods. Top right - a white two story building with tree and parked car in front. Left middle - three men walking through foliage. Right middle - a building in front of a dam with pond on right. Bottom left - on the right a…

Top left - rear view of two men and a dog at a gate in a wooden fence. Top right - two men walking towards camera wearing civilian suits on a path with road on the right and trees on the left. Left middle - two women wearing dresses and hats standing…

Top left - view across open ground of a single story building.
Top right - distant view of a twin engine transport aircraft with buildings in the background.
Left middle - a line of marching airmen mostly in khaki uniform but one with blue…

Half-length portrait of a man wearing heavy flying suit with building on the right and another in the distant background. On the reverse '[..] photograph taken at Darr Aero Tech'

Pennant for Darr Aero Tech, Albany, Georgia.

On the left a man wearing khaki uniform using a camera. On the right another man wearing khaki looks on. In the background a long row of tents. Submitted with caption 'Tent city Turner Field GA. Don Cameron (with camera) and Bonditch 1942'.

A large group of airmen in column led by colour party marching to the right with two story barrack blocks in the background. Submitted with caption 'Urner Field 1942 sixth rank second file Don Cameron'.

Four men with uniform tunics unbuttoned and two with side caps standing on a wooden bridge with wooden railings. Pathway through trees to a building in the background. Submitted with caption 'n leave near Manon GA. Don Cameron second right'. On the…


Four airmen, three with unbuttoned tunics and the fourth carrying his tunic over an arm. standing arm-in-arm in a row with trees in the background. Submitted with caption 'On leave near Macon GA' On the reverse 'Four of the five musketeers, off the…


Head and shoulder portrait of an airman wearing tunic and side cap. Submitted with caption 'Don Cameron Cochran Field 1942'.


Full length image of an airman wearing uniform shirt sleeves an a side cap with long walking stick. On a path with trees in the background. Submitted with caption 'Ben Massey marching through Georgia'.

A full length image of an airman wearing khaki uniform and side cap standing at the end of a jetty in a lake with trees on opposite banks. Submitted with caption 'Ben Massey, Macon GA'.

Head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing khaki uniform shirt and tie. Submitted with caption 'Ben Massey, Turner Field'.

A full length image of an airman wearing khaki uniform with hand in pocket. In the background parts of two tents. Submitted with caption 'Bonditch, Turner Field'.

An airman wearing khaki uniform and side cap on the steps of a railway carriage. Submitted with caption 'dad leaving albany ga'.
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