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Target photograph of Lanveoc Poulmic. Port area with quays a breakwater and industrial structures clearly visible. Captioned '7B', '739 SKELL.8/9.5.44.//NT 8" 7500' [arrow] 280° 0001 LANVEOC POULMIC RD.E.1X4000.16X500.17secs.S/L CHADWICK E.50'. On…

Target photograph of Lanveoc Poulmic. Coastline with piers and quays clearly visible. Partially obscured by light, but bomb explosions on land and water are visible. Captioned '8B', '740 SKELL.8/9.5.44.//NT 8" 8750' [arrow] 275° 0001 LANVEOC POULMIC…
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