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Target photograph of Lanveoc Poulmic. Coastline with piers and quays clearly visible. Partially obscured by light, but bomb explosions on land and water are visible. Captioned '8B', '740 SKELL.8/9.5.44.//NT 8" 8750' [arrow] 275° 0001 LANVEOC POULMIC…

Target photograph of Lanveoc Poulmic. Port area with quays a breakwater and industrial structures clearly visible. Captioned '7B', '739 SKELL.8/9.5.44.//NT 8" 7500' [arrow] 280° 0001 LANVEOC POULMIC RD.E.1X4000.16X500.17secs.S/L CHADWICK E.50'. On…

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