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Flying log book for Ronald Bailey, flight engineer, covering the period from 5 May 1944 to 26 October 1946. Detailing his flying training operations flown and post war flying. He was stationed at RAF Wombelton, RAF Tholthorpe, RAF Lissett, RAF…

A vertical aerial reconnaissance photograph of Bois de Cassan and Foret de l'Isle Adam with two target areas marked.

A vertical aerial photograph identifying two Noball targets at Bois de Cassan and Foret de l'Isle Adam,

A starboard side view of a Lancaster, PA964, on the ground. There are eight aircrew standing at the nose. On the reverse is a list of the aircrew including Tom Jones and a list of his operations.

This page is an entry point for a place. This heading is also used for: Bois de Cassan, Bois de Cassan V-1 storage sites, Parmain. Please use the links below to see all relevant documents available in the Archive.

Lists 34 operations between 28 May 1944 and 19 September 1944. 467 Squadron RAAF. On last sortie noted that Wing Commander Gibson VC was master bomber and was killed on return flight. In addition first operation was in Lancaster R5868 which is now in…

Pilots flying log book for J Tease, covering the period from 13 June 1944 to 10 October 1944. Detailing his operations flown. He was stationed at RAF Tholthorpe. Aircraft flown was Halifax. He flew a total of 35 operations with 420 squadron, 14 night…

Flight engineers log book (Copy) for H Kirby covering the period from 26 April 1944 to 24 May 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF Winthorpe, RAF Syerston, RAF Waddington and RAF Coningsby. Aircraft flown…

Target photograph of Forêt de L'Isle-Adam. Road rail bridge over river Oise top right, bottom left obscured by cloud with smoke and dust, bomb explosions and craters visible. Captioned '5°F', '5B', '2208 SKELL. 18.8.44 //8" 12000' [arrow] 090°…

Target photograph of Foret de L'Adam. River Oise running top to bottom right side of photograph, railway running close to river, road bridge across rive. Bomb explosions with smoke and dust obscure bottom left of photograph. Road network in forest…

Target photograph of Forêt de L'Isle-Adam. Almost completely obscured by cloud, little detail. Captioned '5°F', '5B', '2256 SKELL.18.8.44//8" 12500' [arrow] 080° 1411 FORET DE L.ADAM.P.11X1000.4X500.C.29secs.F/O.DAVIS W.J. P.50'. On the reverse…

Target photograph of Forêt de L'Isle-Adam. Mainly obscured by cloud, area visible is open country. Railway junction, sidings and craters are visible. Captioned '5°F', '6B', '2250 SKELL.18.8.44//8" 12000' [arrow] 052° 1409 FORET DE…
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