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Across the centre four wide moles numbered 1 to 4 from right to left. Each mole has entry roads and numerous building. Many of the buildings appear to have damaged roofs. Mole 1 is only partly visible. Mole two has two large buildings on the right…

A body of water stretches from the left side to the top middle with a tidal flats at the left end. From the middle bottom up to the lower bank of the waters is Mole 6 with multiple railway sidings on the left side and narrow buildings along the right…

In the bottom half, a triangular shaped area of dockland covered in snow with star shaped roads and railway lines. There are several damaged buildings without roofs. A road bridge crosses a narrow waterway which runs from lower left towards the…

On the left side, docklands covered with buildings. On the right the land converges to a peninsular with water above and below. In the bottom centre a shipyard with two uncompleted ships with raised forecastle and large open cargo hatches at the…

Aerial vertical photograph of docks. Along the top four moles below which an interconnected water way. Below is land with a narrow water passage slanting down towards the centre bottom. The moles and land have various scattered dockyard…

Aerial vertical photograph of docks. Three moles extend from the bottom to just over half way up. The right hand mole is covered with dockyard installations, the other two are mostly bare. Bomb impacts are visible in the water between the right hand…

Aerial vertical photograph of interconnected dock basins. At the bottom centre an inlet slanting left. To its left a canal. To its right a spit of land with a narrow waterway leading to a large basin. To the right of the waterway a beach with…

On the left an aerial vertical photograph of town, canal and docks. A canal zigzags from top left down, right and the left back towards dockyard in the bottom left. A town with dwellings and industrial areas lies mostly to the right of canal. The…

Top left an aerial vertical photograph of Dunkirk docks. A river runs from the sea bottom centre in a curve to top centre. Docks with moles and basins are to the right and the town is to the left of the river.

Top right an aerial vertical…

Four newspaper cuttings from 1944 describing four separate operations. Salzburg captioned 'Oct 17 1944', Essen captioned 'Oct 25th 1944', Dunkirk and Vienna captioned 'Nov 4th 1944' and Gelsenkirchen captioned 'Nov 6th 1944'.

This is an item about a place. This entry is also used for Saint-Pol-sur-Mer. Please use the links below to see all relevant documents available in the Archive.

Two cuttings referring to RAF Neepawa.
Item 1 shows a Tiger Moth, a ground crew woman and two airmen.
Item 2 is an article about local businesses supporting the RAF. It also describes Commonwealth and British pilots.

Oblique aerial photograph of Dunkirk docks. Incomplete hulls of two oil tankers at bottom right, likely to be La Saône and La Seine. Extensive damage visible in the bottom left corner.

Identification kindly provided by Gareth Hughes, Christopher…

Map of northern France showing surrounded pocket with their backs to the French coast, in French and English suggesting that as they are surrounded they should surrender.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No…


Description of battles for Le Havre and generally in northern France. Mentions surrender leaflet drops along channel coast. Canadians entre Zeebrugge, Americans in Brittany. Other war news from the continent and map of battle area.

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