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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Florida--Miami"

An oblique aerial photograph of the west end of the Venetian Causeway Bridge. The docks were known as the Steamship docks but have now been filled in.

Two oblique aerial photographs of the beach looking north.

An oblique aerial photograph of downtown Miami.

An oblique aerial photograph of Miami South Beach.

Top left - an airman wearing tunic and side cap sitting on a wooden bench with bushes behind.
Top middle - view down a path towards the courthouse Picton, Ontario.
Top right - view across Picton Harbour with boats at near bank and trees on far…


Top left - two airmen one standing up in open topped car reaching up to palm tree and the other standing alongside. Captioned 'Pulling Cocanuts [sic]'.
Top middle - a man wearing swimming trunks lying on sandy beach with building in the…


Top left - view out of window of town buildings, with street and cars in middle distance.
Top middle - view of multi-story buildings on right side and telegraph wires down centre.
Top right - view across flat roof of distant multi-story…

One colour and three b/w postcards.
Top left - colour artwork postcard of a stadium surrounded by car parks and city buildings behind. Captioned 'Orange Bowl Stadium. Home of the hurricanes, Miami Florida'.
Top right - multi-storey buildings on the…

Four photographic postcards.
Top left - view across water of silhouette city skyline with bow of yacht in right foreground, Captioned 'Moon over Miami'.
Top right - view of street with multi-story buildings either side, people on sidewalks and cars…

Title 'The Everglades Fla and hitching to Miami'.
Top left - an airman wearing khaki uniform standing alongside a car. In the background trees and a cabin.
Top middle - view across water of a hut on far bank with reeds and trees in the background.…

Photo 1 is the flying boat terminal at Dinner Key Miami.
Photo 2 is a Sikorsky S-42 flying boat.
Photo 3 is an aerial view of the terminal with two flying boats alongside,

Photo 1 is a large building.
Photo 2 is a section of a building framed by trees.
Photo 3 is a group of students outside a building, amongst the garden.

Photo 1 is a postcard of an aerial view of Miami annotated 'Miami, Fla [indecipherable] as seen from the Goodyear Blimp' and '058 RL Simpson'.
Photo 2 is the skyline of Miami at night.
Photo 3 is a postcard view across water to the Miami skyline.…

Photo 1 is of four airmen in front of trees.
Photo 2 is of two airmen in Sidcot Suits.
Photo 3 is of an airman wearing a beret.
Photo 4 is of four airmen in Sidcot Suits.
Photo 5 is of four airmen in uniform standing in front of a…

The three photographs feature street scenes with low rise buildings and parked cars.

Photo 1 and 2 are F G Bower standing with parrots.
Photo 3 is a view of tropical plants.
Photo 4 is a round building annotated 'Coral Gables City Hall'.
Photo 5 is a parrot on a branch.
Photo 6 is tropical plants.
Photo 7 is a flamingo standing…


Photo 1 is The Tiffin restaurant at the University.
Photo 2 is a block of buildings including The Tiffin.
Photo 3 is a University building.

Photo 1 is the Empire State Building
Photo 2 and 3 are views looking up the side of the Empire State Building.
Photo 4 is a street view with tall buildings behind.
Photo 5 is a view across tall buildings.
Photo 6 is the Freedom Tower,…

Photo 1 is a large round section of a building, identified as Coral Gables, City Hall.
Photo 2 is a line of palm trees in a park.

Photo 1 and 2 are views in the garden at the university.
Photo 3 is a view of the garden framed by a building.

Photo 1 is a group of airmen in a swimming pool.
Photo 2 is a view across to the swimming pool.
Photo 3 is a pool with rock formations.


Photo 1 is a palm tree.
Photo 2 is a coconut palm.
Photo 3 is a sausage tree.
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