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Title 'Taken in America 1942, Carlstrom Field, Arcadia, Florida'.
Top left - an airmen wearing flying jacket, helmet and goggles standing outside a barrack block.
Top right - an airmen wearing flying jacket, helmet and goggles standing leaning…

Top left - three man band outside a building with glass doors. Captioned 'entertainment while waiting for ferry at St Petersburg'.
Bottom left - two boats on sea, one moored on left the other underway. Captioned 'The ferry coming in from Pinney…

Top - train on track in middle of town with a figure standing in front. Building on the right and car of left. Captioned 'Traffic stops while the daily special leaves Sarasota'.
Bottom left - view of sea across shore, captioned 'view of Siesta Keys…

Top - in centre a bus with cars either side. Captioned 'Sarasota bus leaving Carlstrom'.
Bottom left - cat at petrol station with two men standing behind. Captioned 'gassing up the car'.
Bottom right - six airmen sitting on the front of a car…

Top left - view down on swimming pool with palm trees in foreground. Captioned 'Swimming pool, Lydo, Sarasota, Mexican Gulf'.
Top right - view across waters to tree lined shore. Palm trees on nearside. Captioned 'Siesta Keys, Mexican Gulf'.

Top left - long legged bird in garden with buildings and trees in the background. Captioned 'Heron, Jungle gardens, Sarasota'.
Bottom right - peacock in front of a bush. Captioned 'Proud peacock, tropical gardens'.

Top - view across grass to palm trees. Captioned 'Tropical garden, Sarasota, Florida'.
Bottom left - view across road of palm trees. Captioned 'Palms along Sarasota highway'.
Bottom right - three airmen standing on path in front of row of shops.…

Top - single storey building with patio in front with palm trees. Captioned 'Palm-patio, orchestra shell, dancing squares'.
Bottom left - view down a path towards a single storey building with arched front doorway. Captioned 'Main front to library…

Top - view along a line of bi-planes parked on airfield. Captioned 'Stearman Trainers in imposing array'.
Bottom left - distant view of airborne aircraft and cumulus cloud. Captioned 'Cumulus cloud and me and my Stearman'.
Bottom right - view from…

Top left - three airmen wearing flying jackets and helmets standing on a path between barracks. Captioned 'Bert, Pedro & Ken in flying kit'.
Top right - single storey building with palm trees in front. Captioned 'The palm patio and orchestra shell…

Top left - view across swimming pool surrounded by palm trees with buildings in the background. Captioned 'Swimming pool, Carlstrom Field, Arcadia, Florida'.
Top right - two airmen behind a desk inside a room with window and bunk-bed behind.…

Pilots flying log book one, for W I Warmington, covering the period from 16 April 1942 to 24 October 1943. Detailing his flying training. He was stationed at RAF Clyffe Pypard, USNAS Grosse Ile, USNAS Saufley Field, USNAS Chevalier Field, USNAS…

Four pennants for Jacksonville Beaches, Darr, Cochran and Turner fields.


Two men and a woman standing in front of a large building. The image is slightly out of focus.

Dorris standing by the steps of a house. On the reverse ' This is Dorris and her surname may well have been Lester. A Dorris sent a telegram to Maurice congratulating him on his being awarded the DFC and she also sent him a Swan fountain pen.' The…

A large house in a semi-tropical garden. 318 East King Street, Quincy, Florida. On the reverse 'Maurice spent some time at this house since there are many photo's [sic] of Dorris and Maurice. There is a large photo in his personal album of possibly…

Maurice standing in uniform in the garden of 306 East King street Quincy, Florida. Part of a second man is visible on his left. On the reverse 'Maurice. Photo possibly taken by Dorris since she has tried to cut Pete out of the frame'.

Maurice standing outside a house. On the reverse 'Maurice at the house with Dorris'.
The house has been identified as 214 East King Street, Quincy, Florida 32351.

One car and a cyclist on an otherwise empty road, flanked by mature trees.
This has been identified as 214 East King Street, Quincy, Florida 32351.

A two storey building with a look out tower, identified on the reverse as the Coast Guard Station at Jacksonville.
A second photo shows the tower and a small boat.

An address book kept by Maurice. It includes a list of when he wrote letters.

A certificate awarded to Cyril on completion of his course.

Cyril failed to pass his stage C checks but the board allowed him 4.5 hours extra training.

A report on a violation of flight discipline by Cyril.
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