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#1 is an airman standing on a hillside, captioned 'At Roseneath on last leave Feb 1947'.
#2 is a car, captioned 'The original "Old Mother Riley" Mk1'.
#3 is a starboard side view of a Mosquito, captioned 'Rollo Kingsford-Smith's Mosquito AZ-R 627,…

Top left - view across lake of building in far distance. Captioned 'Lake in grounds of Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, 10.6.44'.
Top left - view across field of trees and building in the distance. Captioned 'Boxted Hall from main road, Essex,…

Top left - view down snow covered road with trees on right. Captioned 'First fall of snow at Hednesford, nr Birmingham, 4.2.44'.
Top right - several airmen involved in a snowball fight with huts in the background. Captioned 'Heavy fall of snow at…
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