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Document containing five photographs:
1 - Six aircrew wearing battledress with brevet and peaked or side caps standing and squatting in two rows in front of a Lancaster bomber. Captioned 'Lancaster at Skellingthorpe July 1945. Back row (L-R) Bruce…

Left page - left - cadets and officers on parade being inspected. In the background trees and a building. right - a wing commander RAF and an ATC officer speaking to a cadet on parade. In the background trees and a building. Captioned '261 SQDR Air…

Three verses poem about fear, despair and resulution.

Two verse poem about Sussex and love.

Contrasts hopelessness, loneliest and death with the joy of love.

Two verse poem about bombing.

On the front a photograph of a group of men with facial burns standing around a seated man. Inside a message from the president of the Guinea Pig Club, Sir Archibald H McIndoe and a cartoon of men cavorting and gathered in a hospital ward. Captioned…

Summary of bombing operations with 433 Squadron from 11 August 1944 to 26 March 1945, Flew as flight engineer on Halifax and then converted to Lancaster December / January 44/45.

John Allnutt and the Rogers sisters, left to right, Sylvie, Valerie, Audrey. They lived in Portslade, Sussex. John spent some of his UK leave there.

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List of events covering joining the RAF, selection for pilot, training and start of operations.

They write expressing their sympathy that her husband has been reported missing and to inform her to whom she needs to communicate regarding her official allowances if she needs to do so.

Head and shoulders portrait of a man wearing unbuttoned battledress with pilot's brevet asleep. Captioned 'Asleep in the troop train Retford to Brighton'.

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Two men wearing battledress with pilot's brevet. The man on left sits on railings and wears a peaked cap. The man on the right wears side cap and has hand in pocket. In the background a promenade with people walking to left and buildings. Captioned…

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Two men wearing battledress with pilot's brevet standing side by side. The man on the left wears a side cap and the man on the right a peaked cap. Behind them railings alongside a promenade with people walking. In the background buildings. Captioned…

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Four men all wearing battledress and side caps. All have pilot's brevet and are standing in a row in a street with terraced houses in the background. In the background left a women looks back at them. On the reverse addressed 'Mrs Alec McBean, 65…

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Four men all wearing battledress and side caps. All have pilot's brevet and are standing in a row in a street with terraced houses in the background. In the background left a women looks back at them. Captioned 'J Walker, J Joyes, H Voit & Self -…

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On the front, a front quarter view of a single engine biplane with floats on beach at water's edge. Bottom right a group of men and at sea behind a small boat with a man in the stern. Captioned '100 h.p. "Avro" Waterplane, On Brighton shore, after…

On the front, a side view of a single engine biplane with enclosed cabin. In front on the left three men and a further to man to the right by the tail. To the right a hangar with open doors. Captioned '"Avro" Biplane, Enclosed Type, British Record 24…

Four airmen positioned around a Magister. One is sitting in the cockpit, one sitting on the wing and two leaning on the wing.

Six airmen are leaning and sitting in a Miles Magister.

Two airmen, one in the cockpit, one about to hand start the aircraft, which has no chocks. It is captioned 'Miles Magister' and annotated 'RAF Tangmere'.

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Fifty one airmen and four staff sitting and standing in six rows in front of an arched glass panelled doorway. All students are wearing tunic and side caps. On the reverse 'No 1 Elementary Air Navigation School, Eastbourne, 2 Flight, D Squadron,…

Cover shows a guinea pig in top hat and tails, inside a humorous account of plastic surgeons, a history of the guinea pig club and a menu for dinner on 26 September 1992, a cartoon and the guinea pig club anthem.

Guinea Pig club anthem and diner menu for event help at the Copthorne Hotel Crawley 22 September 1979.
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