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A group of soldiers arranged in five rows. On the reverse three men are named with their home town. Also 'Taken 22 June 1943 at Gloucester'.

Seven airmen in flying kit, standing at the rear of their Halifax. 158 Squadron, Lissett, Johnny Johnson crew. A second copy is annotated '158 Sqdn RAF Lissett 4 Group 1944' and each man is identified with their crew position. Another copy has each…

Forty-six airmen wearing tunics and side caps sitting and standing in four rows. One officer wearing peaked cap sits in centre of second row up. Titled 'B Flight No 2 Squadron, 3 I.T.W Hastings, October 1939'. Captioned 'Bob Palmer second row from…

A newspaper article about attacks on Hanover and Emden. It is annotated 'No 12 27-9-43'.

Course at SRTU Thorney Island when Frank was with 98 Squadron at Wahn, Germany. A2 Pass with credit.

A biography of Vincent, Arnold's father.

RAF Form 295B issued to Jose to allow her to travel to Eastbourne.

Enclosed with the letter is a postal order for 5/- for cigarettes for Reg. He asks for news about Reg.

16 uniformed men arranged in two rows. They are wearing cadet uniform.
On the reverse 'Afred Kitto Fearnside Back Row 3rd from Right' and in a different hand 'Fearnside Heywards Heath by Great Grandma'.

View down seafront with beach and sea to right, road in centre and tall buildings on left. Three versions of same image. On the reverse 'From the Metropole Hotel, Brighton UK, 1943'.

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Three airmen wearing battledress with pilot's brevet standing in line. Two versions of the same image, on the reverse 'R Jubb, J Harvey, R Bedloe, Metropole Hotel Brighton 1943'.

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Four airmen wearing tunics with sergeant rank and brevet, and side caps standing holding beer glasses in the entrance to a public house. Submitted with caption 'Ian Cowan Ron Gills Paul Wilson Bob Maloney_ Brighton 07 1944'.

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Top left - faded photograph of a pier. Captioned 'West pier Brighton from my room in the Met - Normal, 16.10.45'.
Top right - view of pier and sea front. Captioned 'West pier again during the gale, 20.10.45'.
Bottom right - view of pier. Captioned…

Top left - view of lake and trees. Captioned 'Kew Gardens 20.9.45'.
Top right - over exposed image of trees. captioned 'Kew Gardens, 20.9.45'.
Bottom left - view of multi-story pagoda. Captioned 'Pagoda - Kew Gardens, 20.9.45'.
Bottom right - a…


Top left - view down on a courtyard with buildings surrounding. Bridge and games court in open space. Captioned ' Courtyard behind the Hotel Metropole, Brighton, Oct 43'.
Top right - half length image of two airmen wearing tunics with pilot's brevet…

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In the foreground an airman wearing battledress with brevet and peaked hat stands alongside two women wearing skirts and blouses. In the background a multi-story hotel (Metropole). Submitted with caption 'Brighton'.

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Letter and explanatory note. Catches up with news of father's activities. Mentions he had done quite a few operations recently including Augsburg, Schweinfurt and Stuttgart. Writes that they had to divert to a fighter base on the south coast and had…

One name two addresses. NZ 4216052 Sgt D J Jenkins addresses in Brighton and New Zealand.

One name, two addresses. NZ 436951 Sgt Gray P N. Address in Brighton and New Zealand.

Four sailors in uniform sitting on a bench with brick building in the background. Annotated 'Gwonyth [sic] V Rider, RAF Tangmere, Chichester, 1942'.

Photo 1 is two men in a swimming pool, one diving, annotated 'Geordie and Paddy'.
Photo 2 is five airmen annotated 'The Gang - Flying Control'.
Photo 3 is three airmen at the nose of a Mosquito, annotated 'Ginger & Crew'.
Photo 4 is two airmen…
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