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Letter on headed paper to Mrs Valentine about the delay of parcels she has sent to her husband in Stalag Luft 6. She is advised to refrain from sending further parcels at the current time because of the difficulties of the transport system on the…

Reports arrival of medicine which he hope will resolve sense of taste issue. Little recent mail but believes many enroute.

Number 54 (111). Writes that new camp is not as good as last due to lack of facilities which will take a long time to develop. Mentions new barracks housing 26. Asks her to see if anyone would would send his new hut leader some cigarettes. Worried by…

Number 55 (112). Writes that only one letter from her in the month has arrived but some parcels have come. Asks her to thank senders as his letter allowance would not allow him to send thanks. Mention weather in new camp is shocking. Still has no…

Number 56-113. He writes that some of the mail and some parcels have arrived. He has been practising playing the fiddle wherever her can find a place to practice. He is much less busy than at previous camp. A placard saying “Per Ardna ad Aqua”…

Number 58-115. Discusses correct mailing addresses. Mentions his sense of taste is improving and talks about tobacco. Speculates on possible future after the war believing staying with previous firm will give them best standard of living. Therefore…

Number 59-116. Writes that life is monotonous but encouraged by news. Getting in practice on violin but lacks strings. Mail is still not regular.

No 60-117. Writes about receiving letters (number censored) and how they and photographs cheer him. Thanks her for parcels and discusses future clothing requirements. Speaks of her problems over housing and promises to increase financial allotment.…

Number 61-118. Mentions no mail and no news. Recent good weather but now unpleasant again. Still practising violin but hampered by lack of music and strings. Discusses future clothing requirements.

Number 62-119. Writes that he has increased his pay allotment and transferred all his available credit to her. Also gives sanction for her to access joint accounts. Reports weather atrocious.

Number 63-120. Thanks her for letters and efforts on his behalf. Writes of poor weather and his tribulations in finding somewhere to practise his violin. He is still in need of strings and music. List items from last parcel which were appreciated and…

Number 64-121. Reports her letter with photograph arrived. Tells her not to worry about a house but suggest she stays with her parents until his liberation. Details scheme for numbering and dates for sending letters so she will know if any missing.

Number 65-122. He writes about Ursula purchasing a new house for them and discusses financial matters. Mentions new British medical officer and treatment he is receiving. Sends request for contents in Swiss contacts to arrange for Rolex watches to be…

Number 66-123. Writes that he is still awaiting update on house purchase and about problems with his violin.

No 67-124. Reports her letters and photographs that have arrived. Regrets that house purchase has fallen through. Discusses possible ways forward. Writes he is still having problems with learning violin. Catches up with family/friends. Sends thanks…

Number 68-115. Will continue to write top previous address until new one available. Writes of disappointment over house and problems with violin.

Number 69-125. Reports arrival of letter and thrilled to hear of her efforts. Mentions receiving music and condition of violin. Unsure why she is not getting all his letters.

Number 70-127. Thanks her for letter and annoyed that his letters are not reaching her. Mentions financial issues list requirements to be sent, Mentions weather and state of camp. Wishes her merry Christmas.

Number 71-128. Discusses house purchase and that he will endorse any decisions she makes. Mentions financial issues, arrival of books and continuing study of violin.

Number 72-129. Details addresses for mail and parcels. Thanks for recent parcel with music and violin strings. Writes of other items needed. Still awaiting news of house hunting.

Number 73-130. Writes that he has given her power of attorney and post office withdrawal form sent via Red Cross. Discusses financial issues. Mention that he received music and reports issues with his violin.

Number 74-131. Sympathises over house hunting issues and comments on sporadic mail. Discusses financial matters and send thanks for books parcel. Comments on weather.

Number 75-132. Writes he is managing to practise violin but still having problem with instrument. Sense of taste now back for two months and awaits letters and news of house purchase.

Number 76-133. Writes of his dislike for his prisoner of war camp but that he keeps busy with an increase in his fiddling hours, classes in book keeping, music, history and Dutch. He also mentions the daily routine of clothes washing and housekeeping…

Number 77-134. John tells her of his pension situation and that his father is not sending more tobacco until contact resumed. He also tells Ursula that he gets tired and longs passionately for her.
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