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Includes certificates as a prisoner at Dulag Luft and Stalag Luft 6, sketch map showing locations of prisoner of war camps, list of crew with brevets, Churchill's speech, cartoons of prisoner life, contents of Red Cross parcels, notes, signatures,…

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Five photographs of George and Barbara's wedding day.
Photo 1 is George in uniform standing with his bride. On the reverse 'George & Barbara Hutton 30/8/45'.
Photo 2 is a head and shoulders image of the couple.
Photo 3 is the couple cutting their…

32 items from an album.
Item 1 is an invitation to George and Barbara's wedding.
Item 2 is a sprig of white heather.
Item 3, 4, 5, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 21 are congratulations telegrams.
Items 6, 7, 8, 10 - 15, 22, 23, 25-30 are gift tags.
Item 9,…

Twenty-one men with nine in front standing in doorway. All wearing suit and tie and forth from left in front row is holding a hat. On the reverse 'At Avro's Chadderton. Roy Chadwick and his design team January 1944. A vital only photo. Harold Rogeson…

Two rows of Lancaster front fuselages in a factory with overhead lighting and skylights. Bdhind other aircraft parts. Captioned 'Lancaster production at A V Roe & Co Chadderton 150 per month, by courtesy of V Roe & Co Ltd. On the reverse 'A famous…


In the centre H M the King wearing a light suit and tie at the front of a progression of men in suits. To either side workmen at machine benches. Inside a factory building. On the reverse 'The King visits Chadderton about 1941. Roy Chadwick mid photo…

Two rows of front fuselages of Lancaster bombers in a large factory with other parts behind. Captioned 'Lancaster production at A V Roe & Co Ltd Chadderton, 150 per month about 1943, by courtesy of A V Roe & Co ltd'.


Half Length portrait of Roy Chadwick wearing dark suit standing behind a desk looking at a document. There are windows behind. On the reverse 'In his office at Chadderton'.

King George VI on a stand behind a partially constructed Battle looking into the cockpit. In the foreground other men look on and in the background many spectators. Scene inside factory with skylights. On the reverse 'H M King George VI at A V Roe &…

Three quarter length portrait of a man wearing dark suit and tie, standing at a desk reading a document. In the background a window. On the reverse 'From Illustrated 1942, Roy Chadwick in his office at Avro factory at Chadderton'.

The news-sheet covers the return of prisoners of war and issues that they will face, POW letters from the Far East, Prisoners and Parliament, Camp visits by the YMCA, Prison Camps as schools of Citizenships, Next-of-kin Parcels, International Red…

The official journal of the Prisoners of War Department of the Red Cross and St John War Organisation. This edition covers the Editors comments, the transport of food parcels, Emergency supplies for the camp, POW cooking, articles about Christmas in…
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