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A group photograph of trainees arranged in four rows. On the reverse ' Newquay February 1942. No 11 Flight "C" Squadron. Winners of Drill Cup and PS Cup & first to bring off the "double" in the wing. W. Foskett'.

Three photographs.
A group of airmen undergoing physical training. On the reverse 'Newquay 1942 ITW'.
A second and third photograph have on the reverse 'Newquay Jan. 1942. ITW'.
IN the background of one is the New Theatre & Cafe.

The first of three chapters of Bill's wartime service.
There is a second copy with handwritten edits.

Draft of memoir with contents page - giving service history. Followed by pages with reference to photographs for name and rank, deferred service, ground training dates and places, training in Canada, back home for service flying, 5 Group, 51 base,…

Sorry he is leaving Newquay from his mother,

Seven aircrew in Sidcot suits at Newquay, Cornwall, just off Island crescent, the bridge steelwork for the island is visible and cliffs and hotel on headland beyond. Three are kneeling and four are standing.


Fifty-eight RAF personnel sitting and standing in four rows, 56 with cadet side caps, outside the Beachview hotel 3 Island Cres, Newquay.

Identification kindly provided by Kenneth R. Woolley III of the Unidentified photos of the British Isles…

Written when at the Initial Training Wing in Newquay.

A group of trainees arranged in four rows in front of the Trenance Hotel, Newquay.
On the reverse are the signatures of some of the trainees. A yellow post-it note states 'RRE Freeman 2nd row from left row 3'.

Two photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a man buried in the sand surrounded by his colleagues, annotated 'And a good time was had by all'.
Photo 2 is 14 airmen in a group, annotated 'Some of the boys'.

Three photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a group of trainees arranged in four rows, annotated 'The Old 8 Flight at Newquay'. A post-it has been added with '1st day of training'.
Photo 2 is four airmen with trainee side cap white flashes.

A collection of photographs in an album. From top left to bottom right:
1. Target photograph showing three bombs falling towards cloud and fields. There is no caption to identify the target.
2. Target photograph. The ground is mostly obscured by…

He is worried about his son David. Catches up with other family news.

Tom was born in Stainforth, near Doncaster. His father and two brothers were miners. One of his sisters was in the Auxiliary Territorial Service and the other was a qualified nurse; she became a sister in Barnsley Hospital until she joined the Army.…

Writes while sunbathing on the beach. Describes life in Newquay mentioning numbers of evacuated children and some aspects of his training. Engages in banter and relates some events. Talks about their car and speculates over his future moves.…

Writes that he is on his way to Hednesford and talks about leave. He is anxious to see his sons and then goes on with discussion of financial affairs. Mentions waiting for train connections on journey and speculates on new location and course.
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