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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "England--Nelson"

Sends delight at their receipt of cable and registered letter. Understands they are keeping well.

Lists for Distinguished Flying Cross and Medal. Includes Pilot Officer James Douglas Hudson, Nelson, Lancashire.

Gives account of Distinguished Flying Cross to Flight Lieutenant Leslie Roberts of Brierfield and Pilot Officer James Douglas Hudson.

In the foreground two people, one carrying a bucket the other a sack. They are surrounded by tall palm trees. To the right a wall and in the background buildings. On the reverse addressed to Mr and Mrs H E Hudson and explaining an event related to…

A wall runs from bottom left to top right with buildings and palm trees to the left and above. To the right centre a fortification. On the reverse addressed to Mr and Mrs H E Hudson writing that he is delighted to have received cross parcel and about…

Walled town in a valley, In the background a forest and other buildings. On the reverse addressed to Mr and Mrs H E Hudson and writes that he is fit and well and he has written another letter with more news.

On the right a mosque with minaret. In the centre town buildings on the left trees. In the background mountains. On the reverse addressed to Mr and Mrs H E Hudson and stating that this was the view from the top of a minaret.

Catches up with letters sent and received since he arrived at new location and complains that his small allowance make it difficult to afford sending cables from his camp. Catches up with news from home and mentions a little of his physical and other…

Had not received any mail since he last wrote and it was nine days since he sent his last cable. Mentions the weather had become cooler and that he described his first boxing match which he lost on points. Mentions that he had lost a little weight…

Sends greetings on their wedding anniversary, cable to follow. Reports arrival of mail but no parcels, still hoping. Mentions strong wind blowing and that it has been hot for several days. Reports on books read and discusses some content. Relates…

Reports arrival of mail and asks them to thank everyone who sent him money. Agrees that they should number their letters to help identify any missing. Reiterates that they should buy themselves radio as he previously suggested. Catches up with…

Catches up on latest telegram and letter he had received and discusses his reply cable. Says he is trying out registered air mail to send letter as this may take only three weeks. New limit of two letters a week was due to increased number of…

Reports arrival of recent mail and wishes his mail to them would be as quick as theirs to him. Writes about books being read and a little of his daily activity. Mentions that Red Cross parcels were still arriving regularly and recently contained tins…

Catches up with mail received and notes two of sequence have still not arrived. Pleased that they now have his letters written up to the end of January. Writes that there was no need now to send parcels as regular Red Cross parcels were now arriving.…

Acknowledges receipt of letter and glad mother is feeling better. Proposes numbering his letters, this is number 1. Writes of news of crew and other gossip. Continues letter at later time and says he is in better spirits than the last time he wrote.…

Writing in pencil as had lost his pen. Acknowledges receipt of letter and arrival of a parcel for which he mentions contents. Catches up with news of family and friends. Mentions upcoming leave and plans. Continues with family gossip. Writes about…


Short note to say he is OK and thanks them for letter and parcels. Has temporary pen and hoping to get a better one. Mentions photographic enlargements. Continues letter when less busy. Catches up with family news and mentions upcoming leave when he…

Letter Number 3. Thanks them for letter and sending laundry. Mentions letter from friend who is in Naples. Says he is very busy and there is little news except that he is OK. Continues with gossip.

Letter Number 4. Short note to let them know that he and the boys are OK. Says he has just got up. Mentions he had not been to town for some days. Writes of his adopted rooster. Hopes they are keeping fit.


Letter number 5. Just off duty and going to bed. Says he got up late but has had no mail from them. Stops as he is very tired.

Letter number 6. Short note to let them know the he and the boys are OK. Mentions he got up until mid day and had been on duty previous night and morning. Writes that he had sent laundry and mentions receiving a letter passing on an address in…


Letter number 7. Writes he has been in bed all day resting after duties of the night. Says he and the boys are all OK. Had not been to town since last Wednesday. Thanks them for their letter but is concerned they would not get this one from him due…

Catches up on mail received and tells them not to worry about him spending all his allowance on mail, there was little else to spend it on anyway. Mentions stamps applied by authorities not him and does not know why cost varies. Writes that the…

Notes he had not received any mail since his last letter. Much discussion of parcels and the time they take. His have not arrived but other internees have received some that have taken three months. Notes they have four times as many internees in…

Letter number 8. Short note thanking them for their letter and to let them know that he and the boys are OK. Apologises for short letter but has been on duty all night and needs his bed. Hopes to get away the following week. Continues with chat about…
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