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Frank was born in London. He describes V-1 coming over and taking shelter in the London underground.
Frank talks of his evacuation to the countryside near Croxton Kerrial when he was nearly five. He was accompanied by his two brothers and initially…

Two soldiers from Melton Mowbray were reported as wounded.

A large group of air cadets arranged in five rows. On the reverse is a photographer's stamp 'Heawood & Son'.

Ivor and his bride walking out of church. On the reverse 'Mrs EM Cole, 1 Clumber St, Nottm Rd, Melton Mowbray 2nd turn on L of Main Rd', '5752' and a photographers stamp 'Starbuck Studios'. Also 'Name Mrs Cole Address Miss Durraint 3 PC 19.3.46'.

A head and shoulders portrait of Ivor with his signaller's brevet. On the reverse 'Mr Cole 81, Norman St, Melton, 3pcs Tues'. Other marks are indecipherable.

A three quarter length portrait of Ivor sitting, in full uniform, holding his gloves. He is a signaller/wireless operator. The reverse has a photographer's stamp 'EW Pearson Melton Mowbray'.
A second photograph is a half length portrait of the same…

A newspaper cutting with a photograph and report on Frank Heath, who is missing. On the reverse are adverts.

A wallet belonging to Ivor, with his name and address handwritten on it.

Five certificates awarded to Ivor in June and July 1942.


Note from his niece which gives outline of operation to Berlin on 2 January 1944. Mentions that Missing Research and Enquiry Service contacted his parents with news that his remains had been found and he and rest of crew were buried in the village of…

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An envelope addresses to John Shipman at his farm.

A birthday greetings telegram to John from his mother. Keep smiling. Her thoughts are with him.

John's day by day record of his work at RAF Maipur. It covers the RAF 'strike' and his return to the UK

To report to No.3 RAF Recruitment Centre Padgate.
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