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Thomas Jordan grew up in Hornsea. He hoped to be a pilot in the RAF but he did not pass the eyesight test. He trained as an armourer dealing with retrieving bombs from crashed aircraft, bomb disposal and transportation of bombs. On one such transport…

An aerial vertical photograph of Lincoln, England. Annotated 9 Job 3423 F/5 5/7/44 Jones. Sparse cloud cover. North is towards the bottom of the picture. The centre of the city is to the left of the photograph, showing residential areas. To the top…

He writes about their daughter Carol and mess life at RAF Wickenby.

This is the last letter he sent home. It arrived after the news of his death.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

Recalls German twin engine aircraft flying at very low level over Lincoln. He subsequently though it was a Ju-88. Adds some other wartime anecdotes. Includes b/w photograph of a JU-88.

Top rear quarter view of a parked Lancaster PB437 J9-L , with buildings in the background.
Bottom - four members of Women's Auxiliary Air Force in shirtsleeves out side a Nissen hut with a Union flag above and behind. Submitted with description…

Left a colour photograph of a chapel within cathedral with stained glass windows and altar with columnated arches behind. Right a book on a lectern with note that it was open to page with Peter Jenkinson's name.


From information provided by the donor. Photograph of the Stonebow, Lincoln, decorated for the VE Day celebrations.

Oblique aerial photograph of the cathedral taken from north looking south.

Oblique aerial photograph of the cathedral taken from south looking north.

Oblique aerial photograph of Lincoln Cathedral from the east looking west.

The letter refers to the shock of his son, Monty being missing in action.
The letter is incomplete.

Colin's friend wishes him well and asks about his wife and children. He describes his new job and driving to Nottingham. Also mentioned are some RAF friends that he has come across recently.


Harry Richards standing in flying kit, boots and holding his googles. On the reverse is 'Lincoln'.


Transcript of the Diary of Sgt. Bernard Clark RAFVR 30 November – 20 December 1943 with notes by M Warburton. Includes head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing greatcoat and side cap. Includes crew list of his aircraft. Entries contain…

A summons for cycling without lights.

A head and shoulders portrait of Alec taken from the City School Book of Remembrance.
Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

The letter is to Alec Peadon's mother confirming that her son is missing in action.

Alec Peadon in civilian clothes on a bike. Behind him are houses, a petrol pump and a road sign 'Newark Rd'.

Form WG3 detailing travel arrangements for Mr and Mrs Peadon and Mrs J Hunter to visit Alec's grave at Antwerp.

A booklet with a listing of former pupils that died in the Second World War. It includes a photograph of the deceased and a brief description.

A letter to the mother of Alex Peadon informing her that her son is missing after an operation to Munchen-Gladbach. The letter includes a list of six fellow crew members.

A Halifax in flight taken from the port/rear. It has code 'TL-P'. On the rear are signatures of 'GJ Philipps, R. Lane F/Lt, G. Williams, A. Hailey [indecipherable]'.
Also a copyright stamp for 'Aeroplane' magazine.
Information supplied with the…

Five photographs on an album page.

Photo 1 and 5 are views under the aircraft. Photo 1 is captioned 'Bomb bay view 4000' .
Photo 2 is K Watson in flying helmet and oxygen mask, captioned 'Self portrait ?!!'.
Photo 3 is a vertical photo…

A group of Cadets arranged in five rows, captioned '204 Sqdn ATC Lincoln'.


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