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A newspaper account of Dick Curnock's flight to Cairo to visit his ill brother.


A certificate awarded to Dick Curnock for passing the Aircrew syllabus.

Air gunners log book for Alexander Lamb covering the period from 21 June 1944 to 24 June 1947. Detailing his flying training and operations flown and it also contains photographs of aircraft and some RAF certificates. He was stationed at RAF Stormy…

Three certificates for his service in the Air Training Corps.


A certificate awarded to Dick Curnock on his First Communion.


An identity card issued to Dick Curnock.

11 school reports from 1933 to 1938.

In the log Dick Curnock recorded crew and friends names and addresses, an obituary of Ginge Wheeldon who was shot by a Typhoon whilst on a march, cartoons, sketches of aircraft, dates of letters received and samples of window.

A programme for the event being held at the Royal Hotel, Leicester. It includes the menu, the list of speakers and space for autographs.

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Four postcards of Leicester.
1. Midland Station and London Road.
2. Bradgate Park
3. Leicester, Old Guildhall
4. The Clock Tower.

Letter from sergeant David Boldy to his father about his lack of operations recently. Mentions daily life and pastimes with his crew members in Leicester. He is concerned about how close the Japanese forces are getting to his father’s location.

Terry Ford writes to his family about his pending time at flying school and that he had been recommended for a commission, although he couldn’t understand why.

Terry Ford writes about being posted to Desford near Leicester with 33 of his colleagues. He has recently seen Hamlet and is going to see Macbeth before he starts his packing and cleaning.

Terry Ford thanked his parents for the cigarettes and letters. He was elated about flying an aircraft with his instructor in bad weather conditions.

A letter from Terry Ford to his family where he writes about arriving at Desford and that he has been sent to the drome with 8 others. They are learning to fly Tiger Moths. John Fisher, Clem Fletcher and Alan Harris are at Desford with Terry.

Terry Ford was disappointed that he did not get a chance to go solo as, due to bad weather, he made poor landings. He had 7 days leave approaching.

The letter thanks Dick Curnock for sending photographs and a letter. He describes a short holiday in Manchester and discusses prices of meals, drinks and taxis.

The letter congratulates Dick Curnoock on being promoted to warrant officer and is full of domestic news.


A letter and envelope to Dick Curnock from his mother. It is full of social news.

A letter to Dick from his mother wishing him a happy birthday, included is domestic news.

The letter asks Dick Curnock to send his logbook or details in order that his claim for campaign medals can be assessed.

The letter accompanies Dick Curnock's log book which has been used to assess his entitlement to campaign stars.


The letter accompanied the gold pin Dick has purchased from the Caterpillar Club.

The letter acknowledges Dick Curnock's confinement address.
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