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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "England--Lancashire"

A single engine biplane standing surrounded by men in front of a hangar with open doors. On top of the hangar a windsock. Captioned 'Woodford Aerodrome, Bramhill'. On the reverse 'The hangar 1930s are still here and used by devotes of Avro. It was…

Royal Canadian Air Force pilots flying log book for W C Holmes, covering the period from 18 August 1942 to 18 May 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and post war flying with 512 squadron and transport command. He was stationed at…

Sergeant observer J Douglas Hudson resting at home after being released from spending two years in French North African internment camps. Freed after British and American troop landings in November. Tells of force landing in Tunisia, internment in Le…

1. Twenty-five airmen in three rows captioned '6 Squadron 8 Flight C Squadron Morecombe [sic] 25th April 1941'.
2. Seven airmen in uniform and side caps in front of a building. Captioned '156 Squadron armourers outside the Armoury at Warboys…

In the centre a large multi-story building with two turrets on the roof. Smaller building connected to the right and other smaller buildings to the front. On the left a tall chimney. In the foreground open field. Captioned '725..4, British…

Gives four address in Ashton-under-Lyne with stamps for 1946 and 1947.

Three men on a stand behind a partially constructed aircraft looking into the cockpit. In the foreground other men look on and in the background many spectators. Scene inside factory with skylights. On the reverse 'H M King George VI at A V Roe & Co…

Half length portrait of three airmen wearing battledress with half brevet and side caps. Ben Openshaw is on the left with observer brevet.

In the centre H M the King wearing a light suit and tie at the front of a progression of men in suits. To either side workmen at machine benches. Inside a factory building. On the reverse 'The King visits Chadderton about 1941. Roy Chadwick mid photo…

Thanksgiving eulogy for the life and times of Arthur Hollis OBE, DFC of Bomber Command which covers his childhood successes whilst at Dulwich College, his subsequent enlistment into the RAF in 1941, and his pilot training in Florida and the UK. It…

Telegram to Mrs J H Wilson informing her that her husband Flight Lieutenant/acting Squadron Leader C. H. Wilson is missing.

RAF service and release book, listing the terms and conditions of his leaving the RAF on the 31st of May 1946, as well as assessment of character and statement of aptitude and qualities., Includes instructions covering the event of re-mobilisation.

Photograph 1 is a head and shoulders of a man in a jacket shirt and tie, captioned 'Brother Sam 1948'.
Photograph 2 is missing, captioned 'George's Girl Friend 1948'.
Photograph 3 is a group of six airmen, four standing, two kneeling, captioned '…

List of places and dates. Places include Freetown, Durban, Mombasa, Cape Town, Liverpool, Aden and others unreadable. Dates from February 1942 to November 1942

Notice for Leslie Clodd to join for service on 19 March 1941 at No 9 Reception Centre Blackpool.

Three-quarter length portrait of a seated man wearing suit, tie and academic dress. On the reverse 'Roy Chadwick CBE MSc FRAS FRAeS, awarded Hon Master of Science by Manchester University 1943'.

Three-quarter length portrait of a seated man wearing suit, tie and academic dress. On the reverse 'Vital original photo. Roy Chadwick CBE FRAS FRAeS given an Hon Masters of Science at Manchester University. One of the lovliest 194[..] vital photos,…

Three quarter length portrait of a seated man wearing university robe. On the reverse 'Roy Chadwick CBE in the robe of honorary master at Manchester University July 1944 at the age of 51 years'.

Three quarter length portrait of a man wearing dark suit and tie, standing at a desk reading a document. In the background a window. On the reverse 'From Illustrated 1942, Roy Chadwick in his office at Avro factory at Chadderton'.

Transcript of broadcast 8 June 1942 in Manchester at 8.30pm. Tells of making model aircraft when he was a youngster and taking an interest in work of the Wright brothers, Codey, Roe and others. Relates when 18 getting to know A V Roe and joining him…

Half Length portrait of Roy Chadwick wearing dark suit standing behind a desk looking at a document. There are windows behind. On the reverse 'In his office at Chadderton'.

Four men on steps, two wearing white flying suits and two in coats. A further man wearing white flying suit stands at the bottom of the steps. Steps with Avro logo stand against the rear cabin door of an Avro Tudor. On the reverse 'Avro News Service…

Six men and three women standing in line. All men wear suit and tie and the man third from right has a mayoral chain. The women wear coats and hats. Roy Chadwick is in the middle of group. In the background the starboard inner engine and part of the…

Account of Douglas Hudson's safe arrival home after two years internment in French North Africa. Notes squalid conditions in camps and two escape attempts.

Account of release of two Burnely men (Ordinay Seaman G Taylor and Marine C Latham) amongst French North Africa nternees freed by American Forces. Both had been aboard HMS Manchester which was torpedoed in Mediterranean on August 13th. Tells of…
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