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On the left an autogyro facing top left and alongside a twin engine monoplane with a man kneeling on port wing. Behind a single engine biplane with a man on ladder by upper wing. Several other men stand on hardstanding. In the background buildings…

Four men standing in line in front of a three engine monoplane with enclosed cabin parked on grass, Registration VH-UXX and 'Faith in Australia' on rear starboard fuselage. There are four signatures over the front fuselage. On the reverse 'Pioneer…

Wings and fuselage framework of aircraft in workshop. Engine mounted at right side. Two men working behind starboard wing and others, including one standing in doorway, in the background. Four men working at bench on right side. On the reverse…

In the centre a large multi-story building with two turrets on the roof. Smaller building connected to the right and other smaller buildings to the front. On the left a tall chimney. In the foreground open field. Captioned '725..4, British…

A large number of aircraft fuselages some with engines mounted others with none, parked outside a multi-story brick building. On the left part of a crane. On the reverse '26, 1914, outside Park Works, Newton Heath, often used photo in magazines,…

Large group of men and women sitting and standing in front of a brick building. Some men are in suits and others in working clothes. Building has three arched doorways with windows above. On the reverse 'Original photo, vital please keep safely of…

Aircraft parked in a field with five mounted policemen in front. Behind are other policemen and spectators behind rope On the reverse 'A V Roe regarded this as first successful aircraft, first flown 8 May 1912, flown to old Trafford June 1912, Vital,…

In the centre two ladies sowing fabric. In front piles of fabric. In the background windows and clock on the wall. On the reverse 'By courtesy Messrs A V Roe & Co, Ladies sewing the cloth for the wings of the Avro aeroplanes, they would be later…

A white biplane with floats standing in a walled yard. Avro biplane on the tail fin and Daily Mail on the starboard fuselage. In the background rows of houses. On the reverse 'One of the earliest Avro planes designed by A V Roe in Manchester'.

Inside large factory with partially build aircraft. In front uncovered wing spars. In the background some completed aircraft. On the reverse 'Avro's Hamble, Southampton in W. W. 1, A V Roe & Co Ltd 1917 - 1928 here as Experimental Station , main…

Row of brick built two and thee story factory buildings running left to right. In the distance on left a tower. Caption 'by courtesy - photo A. V. Roe & Co Ltd, A V Roe & Co Ltd Park Works, Newton Heath, Manchester from 1915 - about 1938 ?'.

Biplane registered E4360 in water just out from beach. One man by starboard wing and another behind. Several men and one woman walking on the beach in front. On the reverse 'On Douglas Sands Isle of Man, an Avro 504K floatplane of the Avro Transport…

View through gateway of a multi-story brick building with rows of windows on each floor and a chimney in the centre. In courtyard behind gates in front of building two cars and a lorry are parked. On the right gatepost a sign indicating Brownsfield…

Workforce consisting a large group of men and women sitting and standing outside a large brick building. Some men are wearing suits and others working clothes and aprons. In the building are three arched doorways and above these a row of windows. On…

To Hedley Madgett's parents from Jim. Sorry to hear Hedley is missing. Hopes worst fears are unfounded as many have turned up after being reported missing. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Offers deepest sympathy and hoping for good news. From Margery. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Condolence on Hedley going missing. Might yet turn up. Remembers surprise visit from Canada. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Photo 1 is a half length portrait of Clifford Watson in uniform with his mother, annotated 'C.W. with Mum Barnoldswick'.
Photo 2 is Hilda Watson with two civilians, annotated 'Hilda with the skipper and bomb aimer'. Behind is the Thames and a road…

RAF service and release book, listing the terms and conditions of his leaving the RAF on the 31st of May 1946, as well as assessment of character and statement of aptitude and qualities., Includes instructions covering the event of re-mobilisation.

Five rows of trainee airmen, three sitting and two standing, all wearing tunics and side caps. In the background a brick building with ornamental windows. On the reverse 'Blackpool 1941'.


Gives four address in Ashton-under-Lyne with stamps for 1946 and 1947.

Thanksgiving eulogy for the life and times of Arthur Hollis OBE, DFC of Bomber Command which covers his childhood successes whilst at Dulwich College, his subsequent enlistment into the RAF in 1941, and his pilot training in Florida and the UK. It…

Formal photograph of 22 WAAFs in three rows, row of houses, hotel and larger building in background. Isabel Aitcheson fourth from right in front row. On the reverse all are named and 'Morecambe 5/10/42'.

Eight WAAFs, in uniform standing in a row on a town street (two photographs).

First photograph: on reverse on post-it 'Isabella Dougall nee Aitcheson on right'. Another copy of the same photograph: on reverse, the girls christian names are listed…

A brochure advertising the 1935 Blackpool Illuminations
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