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An abstract of a flight log to Stuttgart. It contains details of each leg including an attack by night fighters.

The letter advises Mrs Jones that her husband is missing.

Letter to Joyce Donaldson's father, M H Edwards, on headed paper from the Bishop of Dover agreeing to take his daughter's wedding. Goes on to describe his rules for marrying a couple but agrees that he can leave that to M H Edwards in this case.

Announces award of Victoria Cross to his son and outlines citation of actions.

Reports Pilot Officer H Madgett DFM missing after operations 17/18 August 1943.

Reminisces about pre-war and early war days as a schoolboy in Lewisham. Recalls events at the beginning of the war. Includes photographs of aircraft and naval ships. Continues with history of events through the war's early years including…

John Bonds was brought up in London and remembers bombs dropping near him. He joined the RAF as an engine mechanic and after training worked on Spitfires before being posted to bombers. He was injured in an accident in a hangar and spent some time in…

Dave Fellowes flew operations as a rear gunner with 460 Squadron. He and his crew survived a mid-air collision with another Lancaster which resulted in an emergency landing at RAF Manston.

George was born at Whitstable and was 17 when war was declared. He joined the local Defence Volunteers which became the Home Guard. When he reached 18 he volunteered for air crew. He was interviewed at Chatham and sat an exam and selection board to…

The story of an attack by Pathfinders of 35,105,109 and 582 Squadrons 23 December 1944. Tribute to Robert pPalmer and thirty comrades who died with him. Contains history of Battle of the Bulge. Description of Oboe system. List of aircraft and crews…

Letter from Bert catching up with family and friend news and talking of his life. Requests address of her husband.

Form WG3 detailing travel arrangements for Mr and Mrs Peadon and Mrs J Hunter to visit Alec's grave at Antwerp.

Note from his niece which gives outline of operation to Berlin on 2 January 1944. Mentions that Missing Research and Enquiry Service contacted his parents with news that his remains had been found and he and rest of crew were buried in the village of…

Informing his that his son was missing as a result of air operations on night 7/8 June 1944 when his Lancaster in which he was flight engineer failed to return.

The Air Council had learned that his son Acting Squadron Leader Robert Antony Maurice Palmer VC DFC RAF was now known to have lost his life as a result of air operations on 24 December 1944. According to information from one surviving crew, the other…

Writes to her from India on second Christmas away saying he is well looked after but would prefer to be with her at home with all the family. Ask her to pray that he will be home next Christmas. Writes of his activities and adds poetic vision of war…

Writes to two year old daughter how sad he is to have been away from her. mentions his time in the middle east and then describes his training role in India. Concludes he is sorry he cannot send her any presents. Includes birthday greetings card.

Write that he thinks she did not receive the last letter he sent a year ago. Repeats what he wrote in that letter about his activities in the middle east and India at the Indian Military Academy. Says he now has some pictures of her and tells her…

Writing for Christmas and the new year. Recalls news of her that mother had passed on to him. Mentions it is cold where he is and mentions the photograph he has of her. Mentions he has a dog and sends seasons greetings.

Art work with Taj Mahal surrounded by monkeys, elephant, tiger and peoples head. Text Christmas Greetings, handwritten annotation 'with love from Chris, Royal Artillery Depot, India Command, 1944'.

Artwork showing Taj Mahal and scenes from India. Text Christmas and New Year. Annotated 'with love from Chris'.

Sent from middle east in November 1941, Shows Father Christmas on a camel. Sent to M Hodel Fackrell. Annotation 'from your ever loving daddy with MEF, please give my loving greetings to your mummie [sic] and grannie. I hope you are all well and long…

Transcription of day by day account of activities from 19 April 1942 to 3 October 1942. Commences with photograph of Squadron in front of Halifax and of pilots on training course (Pattisson top left), Records daily activities, casualties, losses of…

The letter grants planning permission to Fred Edwards for the erection of a dwelling house at Belvedere.
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