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Two pins with gold text on blue background. Both have lion faces and one has crown above.

Four items, Edward's description of the operation against a gun battery, his navigation plot, a map showing the target and newspaper cuttings describing cross channel operations and heavy explosions.

Tells of engagement by enemy Me-110s in area of Stendal when the flight engineer, mid upper gunner, navigator and wireless operator were wounded. The aircraft suffered damaged and suffered further attacks but one enemy fighter was probably destroyed.…

Transcription of day by day account of activities from 19 April 1942 to 3 October 1942. Commences with photograph of Squadron in front of Halifax and of pilots on training course (Pattisson top left), Records daily activities, casualties, losses of…

Scroll to honour Cadet H R Madgett on proceeding to active service in the Royal Air Force

Made out to Miss Margaret Fackrell from father. Shows Father Christmas with present sack with victory on it.

Artwork showing Taj Mahal and scenes from India. Text Christmas and New Year. Annotated 'with love from Chris'.

Art work with Taj Mahal surrounded by monkeys, elephant, tiger and peoples head. Text Christmas Greetings, handwritten annotation 'with love from Chris, Royal Artillery Depot, India Command, 1944'.

Sent from middle east in November 1941, Shows Father Christmas on a camel. Sent to M Hodel Fackrell. Annotation 'from your ever loving daddy with MEF, please give my loving greetings to your mummie [sic] and grannie. I hope you are all well and long…

Clara's grave festooned with flowers. Information supplied with the collection states 'Clara Thorpe (Diver)’s grave at Welling Kent. Died 2nd May 1951.'

Made out to A M Hodel and contains coupons and tables to fill out.

Made out to Christian L W Fackrell. Contains coupons.

Article 1: 'Cologne a mass of fires, pilots' impression of war's greatest raid, ground defences baffled by huge bombing effort'. Mentions reprisal attack on Canterbury. Sections headed: "pageant-like smoothness", 'a perfect raid', 'like a beacon',…

Contains rules of the association and personal details of Henry Simpson and receipt for subscription for 1943.

Good work boy we are mighty proud of you all, Kay and Fay.

Congratulations and good luck - Nanie

To Henry Simpson's father informing him that the value of the gratuity was £14:14:0

Pilot's flying log book for Denis Clyde-Smith covering the period from 10 May 1937 to 31 May 1942. Detailing his flying training, Operations and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Sywell, RAF Sealand, RAF Henlow, RAF Calshot, RAF Watchet, RAF…

A large group of men and women seated at tables, in formal clothes in a large decorated room. Information supplied with the collection identifies this as 'Diamond Jubilee'.

On the reverse are photographer's stamps -
'EA Fordham &…

Observer’s and air gunner’s flying log book for F C Jenkins, navigator, covering the period from 3 January 1940 to 10 May 1953. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and post war flying duties with 575 Squadron, 46 Squadron and 14…

An abstract of a flight log to Stuttgart. It contains details of each leg including an attack by night fighters.
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