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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "England--Gravesend (Kent)"

Top - now reveals that the operation for which Robert Palmer was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross involved his use of highly secret "Oboe" which meant he had to fly straight and level while being engaged by enemy fighters and anti-aircraft…

Top left - heroism beyond praise of new air V.C, in blazing Lancaster he scorned danger and flew on to target. Gives some service and family background and describes actions during operation to Cologne from which he failed to return but led to award…

Left - always selected for vital targets - an outstanding pilot. Gives service background and description of action leading to award of Victoria Cross. Mentions 110 completed operations and final attack on Cologne where his aircraft failed to return,…

Top - V.C, led attack in blazing plane. Account of last operation leading attack on marshalling yard in Cologne from which he failed to return but was awarded the Victoria Cross. Left - New airman V.C. Always chosen for special operations. Some…

Left - Squadron Leader R.A.M. Palmer V.C., D.F.C. & Bar. Father and brother receive medals. Article explains that Robert Palmers father received the Victoria Cross and his brother his Distinguished Flying Cross at investiture at Buckingham…

Top - V.C.'s contempt for the enemy, portrait of Kent hero unveiled. Article about unveiling and provides some of Palmer's service background and mentions funding of portrait and that there was some money left over. Includes photograph of unveiling…

A hand written letter sent to Mrs Hunt from O.C Southwell, offering support on the news of Mrs Hunt's son being reported missing. Mrs Southwell writes of her husband being missing also.

A hand written letter sent to Mrs Hastings from a Sergeant named D.G Southwell. Sergeant Southwell is sending his condolences to Mrs Hastings for the loss of her brother nicknamed "Bob" by members of the Squadron.

A hand written letter to Mrs Hunt from Mrs Southwell, asking for news on Mrs Hunt's son, who went missing in action.
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