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Page has several articles including one reporting Sergeant J R Luxton missing after operational flight. Describes telegram to father informing him that his wireless operator/air gunner son was missing on his 15th operational flight. Gives some…

Writes that they are sending them two photographs of Sgt Luxton's grave at Bernay. Gives some advice to Mrs Luxton how to deal with grief.

Expresses sympathy form Russell's friends and colleagues.

Informs him that official German sources have confirmed the death of his son on 12 August 1943 (assumed for official purposes).

States that he would like to contribute one pound to the cost of engraving chosen inscription on his son's gravestone.

Cover and inside page with inscription to Russel Luxton. Cover has cypher for King George VI.


Letter states that they are forwarding a photograph of his son, grave of Sergeant J R Luxton. Includes envelope, imperial war graves with complements card and receipt.

Four embarkation cards for the ferry to Fleetwood.

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A newspaper cutting noting that Jack has been promoted to flying officer.

A newspaper cutting stating that Jack has left the police to join the RAF.

Three half length portraits of Jack.
#1 he is facing right.
#2 he is looking straight at the camera. The image has been slightly colourised.
#3 he is sitting on a small table. The colourised image is captioned 'Loudens Studios Fleetwood'.
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