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Writes she has had no letter from him and hopes it is not due to complications in his condition. She would like to ring him but the cost of 9 shillings a time would effect her saving plans. Mentions house is now quiet as visitors have left and…

Writes that it was grand to hear his voice and that danger for throat infection was over. Continues with long description of family activities on Christmas day including going out in a motor boat, lunch, opening presents with description of many,…

Writes of daily activities; walks, cooking and parties.

Describes a walk in local area and mentions windy weather nearly blowing daughter away. Writes of local flooding and having colossal roast lunch. Writes that mild weather means she is less worried damage to water pipes at home. Concludes with…

Thanks him for recent letters and describes enclosed photographs. Mentions arrival of her sister Barbara and shopping in village. Discusses his violin lessons and possible future teachers to continue hid violin studies. Writes of her sickness and…

Writes that she was glad to get two letters from him and hopes that he is recovering from his operation. Describes journey to Salcombe and activities at her parents home. Catches up with family news and mentions putting £22 in post office account.

On the front a woodland scene with track and small bridge. On the reverse a short note written during shopping expedition with his wife and daughter,

Wishes him happy returns on wedding anniversary and hopes her recent parcel has arrived. Mentions recent arrival of letter posted in October and receiving presents from her sister and his parents. Recounts recent activities of shopping and…

Wishes him a happy new year and writes of her activities. Notes they have had sharp frosts and is nervous about pipes back at home freezing. Mentions quiet time over Christmas and covers other domestic news.

Reports arriving at holiday location and activities there. Writes of visiting an auction and describing purchases. Continues with news of her activities.

Writes that she has received no mail from him for a month and that she is returning home the next day. Describes challenge of transporting all the items she bought back to their house Writes they have had good holiday but she needs to get home to get…

Writes wondering about the their near future and mentions her plans to return home in a fortnights time. Writes of some other purchases she made a recent auction and that she has has her hair permed again. Concludes with family gossip and that…

Writes perhaps it is a waste of time writing but had the letter card anyway. Scotches his proposal of her going out to work while he stays home to look after their daughter. Continues with description of activities, party and daughter's swimming…

Writes of going to furniture auction and describes items she bought including a wardrobe as well as other items. Concludes with mention that daughter is getting very brown on the beach but that weather has now broken.

Explains why her letters have been irregular since arriving in Devon. Mentions that life their is pleasant and provides long explanation of why her lodger had left. Writes that daughter fell off a chair giving herself a black eye and writes of her…

Writes that she is concerned that the battle front is getting close to his camp. Continues with news of activities in Devon, swimming and daughter's progress. Mentions that their house is now let and describes making clothes for their daughter.…

Writes apologising for not sending letter previous week and announcing she is visiting parents in Devon for a couple of months. She has arranged to let their house. Describes her journey accompanied by her lodger and goes on to write about her daily…

Writes from Devon, describes countryside and activities. Mentions celebrating daughter's birthday and lists presents she received. Glad that British MO has found treatment for his nose. Catches up with family news and says she will be glad to get…

Writes about activities in Devon over new year and her mother's health. Is longing to hear what he thinks of new house.

Describes Christmas with family in Devon, presents received and other activities..

Writes of the saga of getting permission to move into new house, going to Chalfont St Giles and all pubs being full. Writes of friendly neighbour putting her up and paying some of house purchase fee, Goes on to describe her activities the next day in…

Writes of plans to move in to new house even if purchase is not completed. Glad she has his confidence over house and that it will suit his future plans. Concludes with plans for new garden.

Worries that he last parcel to him may have been lost in sunken Red Cross ship and lists contents. Writes of arranging violin strings to be sent and problems with their piano. Writes still no news of house completion and mentions other financial…

Writes about finances and that there is no moving in date yet. Hopes his weather will not be too cold and that he will have a cheerful Christmas.

Still waiting to move into their new house. Reports arrival of his letters written in September and writes describing their new house. Mentions finances and sends Christmas greetings and talks of future plans. Concludes with mention of daughter's new…
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