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He writes of night flying, travel arrangements for his next leave and domestic details.

He writes of the weather and social activities at RAF Cark.

He writes of his duties and colleagues and discusses his law exam.

He writes about his law studies, a novel he is reading, flying duties, playing bridge, films he has watched, shopping for woollen pants, and his remaining ration coupons.

He writes about their next meeting, his new clothes from RAF stores and the death of his Aunt Dora.

He writes of arrangements for his leave and a funeral at Farnworth.


He writes about domestic news and his wife's trip to London and Cambridge.

He writes about his train journey and their time together on leave.

He writes of his journey back to RAF Cark after a 48 hour leave.

He writes of his colleagues promotions and includes details of his finances, his bank statement and income tax.

He writes of night flying, the chances of returning to operations and his plans for Christmas.

He writes of his colleagues postings and includes details of his income tax assessment.

He writes of his duties, activities on camp and colleagues’ postings.

He mentions the air officer commanding’s visit the following day.

He writes of family and a colleague’s posting, and of passing his law exam.

Incomplete letter in which he writes of a B-17 landing at Cark.

He writes of being posted to RAF Dallachy, domestic details, social activities and of a colleague’s posting. He includes details of two jobs which he think that his wife might be interested in.

He considers the prospects of living together and starting a family. He writes of an aircraft landing in a field in Lancaster because of the weather, with some damage to the aircraft but no casualties. He also writes of his impending course at RAF…

He writes that he is taking command of A flight in place of a colleague who has been posted.

He writes of his duties and arranging leave.

Letter from Harold Gorton to his wife from RAF Dallachy. He writes of his course and his journey to from RAF Cark.

Frederick Parker joined the Royal Air Force and served as ground personnel, where he worked at an air gunnery training unit at RAF Silloth with target tugs.

Describes life at RAF Cranwell which is not as good as RAF Kenley. Writes he is running out of tobacco and requests her help. He has applied for leave but has not had confirmation. He discusses other opportunities to meet. Talks of possible move of…

Letter thanks Peter Stevens for the masterly way he brought his aircraft and crew back from operation on 6 August 1941, and as a result saved his son's life.

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