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A biography written by his daughter about her father. It describes his early years but mainly his time in the RAF.
Photo 1 is of EJ Saunders.
Photo 2 is EJ Saunders cycling on an egg and spoon race.
Photo 3 is his Mother, Francis and…

Three men standing in line by the nose of a single engine biplane registration G-EBOV. On the right a hangar and in the background right a man with trees behind. Captioned 'Roy Chadwick not long after "The Accident" with Bert Hinkler and R J Parrott…

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Cutting 1 is a side view of a DH86 Express airliner being waved off by a small group of spectators, captioned 'Waving Good-Bye to the first aeroplane to leave Croydon on the new London to Scandinavia service. It took off at 9 o'clock this morning and…
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