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Writes that Christmas parcel has been sent by Krakenberger but choice of items that can be send from Switzerland was recently restricted. Only books, sports articles and musical instruments allowed. Requests what John might like.

Writes about map of prisoner of war camps that they sent. Gives advice on addressing letters to husband due to German censorship. Suggests address to Stalag 357 and omit Stalag Luft 3.

Number 51. Describes conditions in new camp. Mentions they no longer cook their own food therefore little distraction from monotony. Mentions difficulties in continuing with his violin. States that mail will be slow for a few weeks, comments…

Number 57-1145. Cheered to have recent letter. Thanked her for the music but says short of strings. Loved her description of Frances’ progress but much of this letter had been censored.

Number 69-125. Reports arrival of letter and thrilled to hear of her efforts. Mentions receiving music and condition of violin. Unsure why she is not getting all his letters.

Number 70-127. Thanks her for letter and annoyed that his letters are not reaching her. Mentions financial issues list requirements to be sent, Mentions weather and state of camp. Wishes her merry Christmas.

Number 71-128. Discusses house purchase and that he will endorse any decisions she makes. Mentions financial issues, arrival of books and continuing study of violin.

Number 72-129. Details addresses for mail and parcels. Thanks for recent parcel with music and violin strings. Writes of other items needed. Still awaiting news of house hunting.

Number 73-130. Writes that he has given her power of attorney and post office withdrawal form sent via Red Cross. Discusses financial issues. Mention that he received music and reports issues with his violin.

Number 75-132. Writes he is managing to practise violin but still having problem with instrument. Sense of taste now back for two months and awaits letters and news of house purchase.

Number 77-134. John tells her of his pension situation and that his father is not sending more tobacco until contact resumed. He also tells Ursula that he gets tired and longs passionately for her.

Number 78-135. No letters from her. Reports on weather and state of camp. Writes he is living with excellent crowd of fellows and goes on to describe some. Mentions persisting with violin averaging four hours a day of practise but handicapped by lack…

Number 79-136. Writes that mail is falling off and comments on weather, allotment of hut for theatre and four rooms for classes. No hope of place to practise violin. Looking forward to more photographs of her and daughter. Asks will 1944 see then…

Number 80-137. Complains about lack of mail and parcel that had arrived at previous camp but not yet with him. Comments that has lost sense of taste again and has glued violin back together,

Number 81-138. Complains about lack of mail and that he does not seem to get replies to his. Discusses house purchase and finances. Mentions letter he has letter belonging to Polish prisoner and to wish all his Polish friends well for 1944. Comments…

Number 82-139. Writes wishing her a happy birthday and thanking her parents for lending them money for a house.

Number 83-140. Hopes she enjoyed her birthday. Still waiting definite news of house purchase and mentions financial tax matters. Weather now freezing which is improvement on previous slush. Mentions two resolutions one to do more fiddle practise but…

Number 84-141. Gives results of recent music exams. Weather turned mild and back to slush. Asks to see if she can get recompense for missing Red Cross parcel. Awaiting details of house.

Number 85-142. Writes of potential house purchase and problems ahead. Discusses financial matters and instruction sent about RAF pay through Red Cross. Discusses name for new house. Puzzled about watch she is wearing. Mentions his lack of religion…

Number 86-143. Send love and greeting for new year. Awaiting news of moving to new house. Comments on winter weather.

Number 144-1. Congratulates her on progress with house. Mentions family illness, time to get into London from new home, and catches up with family friends. Thanks for violin strings. Mention proposed writing schedule. Reminisces on wedding four years…

Number 145-2. Awaiting news of progress with house. Writes of preparing his daughter for eventual liberation. Comments on atrocious weather. Recent arrival of tobacco parcel.

Number 147-4. Very few letters have arrived. Comments on weather not cold but slush. Got new boots from Red Cross and comments on climate and lack of exercise. Mention that there are plenty of Red Cross parcels available but misses bread and…

Number 148-5. Only letters that have arrived sent before Christmas. Mention a recent cold but otherwise fit. Mentions camp is currently dry and that he had received a food parcel from Portugal. Thanks for cigarette and tobacco parcel.

Number 149-6. Delighted to get letter posted 28 November with news that they have moved into new home. Ask all about it and discusses home creating she will have to do. Mentions fellow prisoner has not heard from wife for four months and could she…
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