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Writes that she still does not know why he is in hospital, for how long and exactly where he is. Continues with arrangements for a visit to him by an acquaintance. Catches up with domestic news and activities. Wonders if he will get home the next…

Notes he has been readmitted hospital and awaits details. Will be glad if they can do something but hopes it will not interfere with Christmas plans. Believes demobilization might be postponed. Catches up with news of family/friends and mentions…

Recounts her journey home from visiting him. Mentions daughter writing letter to him and writes of evening activities. Hopes it will not be long before he is home again.

Writes of daily activities including problems with preserved plums. Mentions SSAFA business and other activities. Complain about state of waterproofing of house.

Catches up with news of family/friends. Writes of daily activity and gardening.

Writes of her hair cut and mentions using off cut for wig on daughter's doll. Worried that weekend travelling is tiring for him and he is doing too much at home while he has not yet recovered his health. Continues with news of new glass and paint for…

Writes of disappointing news of friend as suggest he might ask the MO about reduced fertility with prisoner of war and if there was any treatment. Comments on train accident and concludes with domestic chat.

Writes of local historic group lecture and going to bank. Continues with domestic chat mentions gardening. Thanks him for his letter and mentions neighbour news. Adds postscript with plans for the weekend and announces she is off to hairdresser.

Thanks him for letter sand writes of gardening activities.

Writes that daughter has started school and she has done the washing and plans to go collecting blackberries that afternoon. Mentions SSAFA mail and plans for future activities.

Writes of friend/family member coming home and potential visit to his family. Continues with news of activities including news that SSAFA client's sister's husband was prisoner of war of the Japanese and is due home shortly. Concludes with more…

Writes of daily activities of gardening. SSAFA business and news of neighbours and friends.

Hoped his return journey was not too bad and goes on to mention gardening and news of family/friend. Concludes with mention of getting a coffee percolator and enclosing a cutting of a poem.

Thanks him for letter and his news. Comments on stool he has found and then discusses travel arrangements for his next trip home. Catches up with family news with activities of her sister and their daughter. Continues with other domestic news and…

Writes about conducting SSAFA business and discusses presents for friends. Continues with more domestic chat.

Thanks him for his letter and hoped he had a good return journey. Comments on being attached to writing box and arrival of lambskin rug and her plans for it. Concludes with comment that there was no sign of tools yet.

Thanks him for his letter and comments on his recent activities. Continues with account of counselling meeting with estranged couple and meeting other ladies with matrimonial problems.

Reports arrival of three letters and looks forward to activities in their upcoming weekend. She answers his queries in his letters about her bike and her sister. Mentions forwarding a letter from his father and her letter writing schedule. Continues…

Reports no letters from him and mentions good weather. Wonders what to clothes bring when she visits him in Loughborough. Concludes with her plans for the afternoon.

Thanks him for letter and apologises over her attitude about his knees and mentions that other doctor says it ought to be curable with infra-red. Continues with local news about a fine supper, of her other daily activities including cycling to…

Writes of her daily activities and that weather had prevented some plans. Mentions seeing advertisement for rug for bedroom and asks for his views. Continues with domestic gossip mentions an article in "Housewife" about man taking up violin when over…

Thanks him for his letter and glad he enjoyed weekend with his family. Apologises about previous letter but says she is feeling more cheerful now. Mentions that it has been arranged that daughter goes to Devon on 31st August for a week. Enquires…

Writes that she is depressed over his latest news and laments over fact she and daughter will not see him for nearly a month. Continues with other domestic chat but states disbelief on news that he will not recover use of his knees. Concludes saying…

Enquires about his return journey and writes of her activities including gardening, working on SSAFA correspondence and arrival of box of eggs. Continues with more chat of her activities and news of friends and family. Concludes with mention of…

Writes of journey home and her activities. Notes house is empty without him and hopes VJ day will be soon. Hope that the MO will take account of ailments and comments on other treatments.
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