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William Barfoot, in Sidcot suit, is seated on a chair at Marshalls pilot training, Cambridge. He is carrying his flying helmet and goggles, wearing flying boots, gloves, and a scarf. Papers are in his knee pocket; buildings are in the…


William Barfoot is standing in a Sidcot suit at Marshalls pilot training, Cambridge. He is in a field, wearing flying boots, gloves, and a scarf. Papers are in his knee pocket.

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William Barfoot is standing in a Sidcot suit at Marshalls pilot training, Cambridge. He is in a field, wearing flying helmet and goggles, flying boots, gloves, and a scarf. Papers are in his knee pocket; buildings are in the background.



A note with some details of the Lancaster crew of PB812. It includes the names of six airmen including Jeff Downing.

Report on William Jones out of bounds without a pass. Captioned 'Black Mark Jones'.

A page from Stan's memoirs starting with the airship R101, Cobham's Flying Circus, Air Training Corps, glimpses of his service activities then ending with the 54 Maintenance Unit.

A brief description of Stan's time at 54 Maintenance Unit.

A registered letter envelop addressed to David Geach from RAF Witchford

Corporal Leslie Clodd enrolled on 16 November 45 at RAF Mepal and that he had undertaken a course 'Motor Engineering at Robinson's garage, Cambridge'. Contains a record of monthly progress reports.

A chart used for a navigational exercise over the south east of England. It is annotated 'R Curnock 3087 June 30th 1942'. A route crosses Cambridge, towards Norwich then south east to east of Clacton, South south west to the Thames then returns to…

A duplicate book with letters handwritten by Peter Hattersley to various people and organisations.

A compliments slip addressed to David Geach from his Commanding Officer

The letter to David Geach's parents expresses sadness that he is missing. The Chaplain offers his sympathy.

Discusses the results at Trinity College Cambridge.

To Mr and Mrs Madgett writing sorry for news that Hedley is missing but sure he will turn up. Pleased that Hedley got the Distinguished Flying Medal. Signed Mac.

Confirming telephone conversation. Reorganising construction of VIP. Writes of Whitney Straight's interest in a Mosquito. No idea of asking price.

He writes about domestic news and his wife's trip to London and Cambridge.

Letter from David Donaldson whilst an undergraduate at Cambridge to his father writing about extra insurance and paperwork. He then continues about several health issues and its impact on his rowing. Additional information about this item was kindly…

An evacuee at the start of the war, He later became one of three Meteorological Officers at RAF North Creake. He discusses the role of the Met Officer.

John Bonds was brought up in London and remembers bombs dropping near him. He joined the RAF as an engine mechanic and after training worked on Spitfires before being posted to bombers. He was injured in an accident in a hangar and spent some time in…

Philip Blackham became an apprentice engineer at Diesel engine company Mirrlees, Bickerton & Day, of which he became a sales manager post war. He served in the Home Guard becoming a driver, then he enrolled in summer 1940 with initial training at…

Top left - three airmen wearing battledress and side caps standing in line with trees in the background. Submitted with description 'Three airmen in uniform, standing in front of hedge. Left to right: P/O Roberts - rear gunner, F/O Bob Wake - bomb…

Jeff's grave - a wooden cross with a wreath and the date 10 February 1945. On the reverse 'Binbrook Cambridge'.
Behind are the graves of Sergeant J P King, 16 January 1945 and Flying Officer S W Goodman DFM, 16 January 1945.
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