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Contains personal data, mustering dates and trades, commission, course, postings, movements and duties. Includes post-war service.

Some personal details of Kenneth Saw with dates of enlistment and discharge. Includes mention of award of DFM. Mustered as mechanic, then air gunner and finally u/t pilot. Ranks was flight sergeant. Includes postings including 97 Squadron.

Nine airmen wearing dust coats over uniform in a workshop gathered round aircraft engines. On the wall behind blackboards with 'Pegasus' printed on them.
On the reverse '98 Entry B Class Halton 7.5.43' and 12 signatures.

Bill is standing in his uniform. Information supplied with the collection states '1931 LAC (RAF Halton)'.

A rugby team of 15, a pilot officer and a civilian arranged in three rows. Bill is back row, second from right. Information supplied with the collection states '1930 Rugby XV RAF Halton (2nd from right, standing)'.

16 members of a rugby team. Underneath each man is named. Bill is second from the right in the second row. Information supplied with the collection states '1929-30 RAF Halton Rugby'.

Ten trainees at RAF Halton standing beside brick buildings. Information supplied with the collection states '1929-30 RAF Halton (centre)'.

Bill in uniform standing outside a brick building. Information supplied with the collection states '1929-30 A.C.1 (RAF Halton)'.

View of the junction of Park road and Bullington End Road, Milton Keynes. Open countryside and fields with site in the centre consisting huts and multi-storey buildings. Annotated 'M1'.

View of the junction of Park road and Bullington End Road, Milton Keynes. Open countryside and fields with site in the centre consisting huts and multi-storey buildings.

A white, detached, shirt collar with names and addresses.


Artwork drawing and description of imperial war graves commission headstones. Stamped 'Specimen Olny'.

From officer detailed to supervise the collection of his son's personal belongings advising actions taken to safeguard effects. Effects dispatch to central depository RAF Colnbrook.

Seven items in a scrapbook. #1 is the Bomber Command crest #2 is 5 Group crest #3 is 61 Squadron crest #4 is 101 Squadron crest #5 is Ernest's call up paper #6 is Ernest's acceptance into air force #7 is a meal pass used at ITW Bridlington.

A tank named 'BRADFORD' blocking the village road watched by a soldier and two local men. Behind is a second tank and the village church. On the reverse is 'Canadian Churchill tanks passing through Grendon Underwood March 1943 Operation Spartan…

Ten men arranged in two rows. On the reverse 'Home Guard Edgcott U. Hall 1940's Tug of War Team'.

A formal group of 34 men arranged in four rows. In the second image each man is named in a printed caption.

Young girl standing in front garden of a cottage. On the reverse, caption 'Joan Haze,l Kath's cousin, Edgcott'.

Reg and Kath on the church steps on their wedding day. Three people standing behind them, two young girls standing to one side. On the reverse caption, 'Reg & Kath Busby Dec 30 1944 Edgcott Church'.

From information provided by the donor. Three photographs of Peter Baxter's time at RAF Halton.
First is of the three story brick accommodation blocks arranged around a square with some apprentices running, caption '10 times round the square'.

Refers to her husband’s personal effects and asking if a Gladstone bag with the initials J.K.O. was with them. They had received a letter from the mother of Flight Sergeant Campbell who was enquiring as the whereabouts of this bag as it belonged to…

Writes requesting that she sign the enclosed indemnity form in order that they may send her the personal effects of her husband. They also say they are pleased to hear that she has received good news about her husband.

He writes thanking her for her letter and invitation to visit and that he is delighted she has received news from Bob and that he is well. He hopes he will be one of the first to meet him when he gets back. He mentions that he is going to R.A.F.…


Four newspaper cuttings about George King.
George King was Dennis Moore's scoutmaster
Cutting 1 is an obituary.
Cutting 2 is a letter from a reader.
Cutting 3 refers to George's funeral.
Cutting 4 is two reader's letters .

Eleven photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is 'Rose Cottage'.
Photo 2 is 'Charlton Cottage'.
Photo 3 is two images combined of Sharloes Lake.
Photos 4 to 11 are titled 'Various Views from house at Amersham'.
Photo 4, 8, 10 and 11 are of the…
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