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Half length portrait of an airman wearing greatcoat and peaked cap. On the reverse '[...] Wadeson'.

Document contains order of service for funeral and memoir of service in the RAF. Includes training as wireless operator/air gunner, troop ship to Cairo and continued training in Egypt. Posted for operation on Boston aircraft with 114 Squadron in…

From birth in 1920 until operational pilot in 1944. Covers early life in Battersea and Morden in London, family life, school and first jobs after leaving school at 14 years old. Describes family experiences at beginning of the war volunteering for…

A large group of men wearing uniform tunics with side caps sitting and standing in four rows with trees in the background. Submitted with caption 'Photo of Wireless Operators class, Blackpool 1940 E Clarke is Middle Row, Far Left'

A detailed Biography of Reg' service and post service life.

Fourteen men standing in line with eleven women sitting on the ground in front. All wearing civilian clothes in front of the port wing of a Wellington Mk X. On the reverse the names of some participants and titled 'A.I.D. staff Messrs Vickers…


Dates of main events of life of J F Nolan including birth, education, army service 1939-1941, then Air Ministry AID in various locations including Vickers Armstrong and A V Roe.

Blank form for leave from Aeronautical Inspection Department at Vickers Armstrong, Squires Gate.

Notifying him that he was to move on long term detachment to Vickers Armstrong Blackpool with effect from 18 August 1944.

Letter from [indecipherable signature] saying how pleased they are to know that she has heard from Bob.

Andrezj standing at the wing tip of a Dragon Rapide. On the reverse 'June 26th 1950. Squires Gate, Blackpool. Rapide with Pilot C. Jones'.

Some personal details and return to unit.

A half-length portrait of Thomas, annotated 'With Love Tom'.

Six photographs from an album.
Photo 1 and 3 are train coaches.
Photo 2 and 4 is the promenade at Blackpool.
Photo 5 is a sergeant airman standing with his hands in his pockets.
Photo 6 is a different sergeant standing with his hands in his…


Sitting on low wall, looking out over promenade and sea, North Pier and Blackpool Tower in background.

Seven airmen arranged in a row. Their names are listed in a caption above.
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