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The letter advises that Ted's personal effects will be sent by train.

Sends his love. Thanks for letter. Mentions visit to Boston. Mentions he told her about lucky Jim.

Catches up with mail and news. Mentions going to camp cinema and had found a quiet pub previous night.

Catches up with mail and family news. Mother was in hospital and he would try and get pass to go and visit her. Discusses friends, leave and activities including going into Boston for meal which he did not like, preferred Horncastle. Mentions he had…

Writes that skipper was progressing and would be out shortly. Mentions new arrival who know mutual acquaintance. Says he can get fowl and duck. Catches up with gossip and news.

Thanks her for her duties to meals on wheels service.

A biography of Alec written by his step sister's husband. He details the family history, his search for the grave site, his visit to the grave in 1992 and their research on the crash.

The telegram advises that he has arrived back in England. Handwritten is 'Ted home from POW camp'.

He reminds his wife that he is writing on the day of their first wedding anniversary. He expresses love for her and says he hopes to be home soon.

He apologises for having nothing new to say but he is fit and well.

A number of business cards or message cards from Mrs N Pallister Pritchard, Mr J G Wollatt, Mr K Lawson along with others with various addresses or messages.

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Made out for James Burnside.


Made out to Gordon Bennet Burnside and graded 1 (one) at Nottingham medical board. Includes brief description.

Made out for James G B Burnside with registrations in 1945 and 1946.

School report from West Hill School Nottingham giving position from terms marks and exam marks for 10 subjects.

Made out for Mrs K Burnside

Made out for Kathleen Burnside - record of contributions.

Notes that she was leaving Beeston, but would be able to help when settled in new location.

Certificate of marriage between James Burnside and Kathleen Hodgson.
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