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A handwritten notebook containing the war diary of A Dorricott from October 1914. He embarks the SS Deseado at Southampton and sails through the Bay of Biscay, past Gibraltar to Malta. They continued with naval escorts to Port Said, through the Suez…

William Longhurst served as an engine mechanic through the Second World War. He was a member of the Hackney Wick Air Defence Cadet Corps before volunteering to enlist in the RAF after his seventeenth birthday. Following basic training at Skegness,…

Telegram reporting all is well and address RAF Abu Sueir

The official journal of the Prisoners of War Department of the Red Cross and St John War Organisation. This edition covers the Editors comments, Repatriation Arrangements, Liberation comes to Stalag IXA, Behind the Scenes about theatrical endeavours,…

Roy White’s RAF Flying Log Book from 15th March 1944 to 16th April 1947, detailing his training and duties as a wireless operator.
He was stationed at RAF Yatesbury (No.2 Radio School), RAF Aqir (No. 76 Operational Training Unit and No. 26…

An autobiography of Jim Taylor's time in the RAF before the war. He spent time training with Oliver Bell, who is recorded in the memoir.

John's day by day record of his work at RAF Maipur. It covers the RAF 'strike' and his return to the UK

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A souvenir of the voyage and ports called with dates. There are details on the ship and a page on the history of the Royal Australian Air Force wings.

Twenty three airmen sitting and standing in three rows in front of an Armstrong Whitworth Atlas. Title 31 Course, Abu-Sueir, D Flight'.


Five photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a ship, captioned 'HMS British Dilibance [sic] (Tanker) in Suez'.
Photo 2 is a view of a wooded area, captioned 'Ismaila Army Camp from Suez Canal'.
Photo 3 is a naval ship, captioned 'Destroyer R72 (In…

Eight photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a view of a jetty captioned 'Station on Suez Canal'.
Photo 2 is a civilian man in shirt and trousers, captioned 'Alf Staley'.
Photo 3 and 6 are a group of seven men on the deck, captioned 'On board HMT…

A small boat with short masts moving to right with bank of canal beyond. Statue of a man on bank level with bow of boat. Captioned 'Pilot Ship - Port Said'.

Two dhows with sails set moving to left with small steamer beyond. Captioned 'Dhows Port Said'.

Two photographs from slightly different angles of a large building with three domes on a promontory surrounded by water. There is a mast at the right side. and small boats in front. Captioned 'Customs House - Port Said'

In the foreground a barge with gangplanks leading up to ship beyond. Men walking up and down gangplanks. Captioned '"Wogs" coaling up ship - Port Said'

Left - small boats in water. Middle - on the left men lining deck, in centre a waterway with small boats and barge to right. Other ships in the background. Right - three boats with merchandise alongside a ship. Caption at bottom 'The "Wogs" - Port…

A man holding a tandem beside a concrete road marker with 'Port Said 6'. On the reverse 'Jack Springer, touring partner. Tour de Egypt May 1947'.


A blurred image of Stan on his bike. On the reverse 'Self taking a corner in Port Fouad Tour de Egypt May 1947'.


A cyclist speeding round a roundabout. On the reverse 'Jack cornering a road island in Port Fouad. Park in the background. Tour de Egypt May 1947'.


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