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Five photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is an aerial view of Montaza bay, Alexandria with two large houses. Behind is a wide beach.
Photo 2 is a man swimming in the sea.
Photo 3 is four men sitting at a table. Behind is a beach bar.
Photo 4 is a…

Two bills issued to Rex Searle by the Hotel-Pension "Crillon"

Four signs at a road junction. In the distance is a settlement.
The first road sign says 'Bad Road Surface Drive Slowly'.
The second is in Arabic.
The third says 'W+D Western Desert'.
The fourth 'Alexandria'.

Ron Saunders joined the RAF as a wireless operator rear gunner and served on 114 Squadron during the war. Remembers, as a little boy, seeing the airship R 101 and the Hindenburg flying in the distance. Describes his training in England and in Egypt…

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