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A form allowing a flight from Heliopolis to Shallufa.

Completed for a flight between Calato and Almaza in Egypt.

Top left - Stephen Dawson in airline uniform and Joy Dawson in a dress in the garden of a two story house. Captioned 'in uniform England'.

Top right - Stephen Dawson in swimming trunks sitting in a cane chair by a table under and awning in front…

An airman sitting on a chair in the sunshine and smoking a pipe. Behind is a tent. On the reverse '1/2/46 Alec, taking it easy at Merv Camp, Cairo (Egypt)'.

An airman in flying kit standing at the front of his aircraft. A ground crew airman is working behind him. On the reverse 'George with Halifax'.

One postcard, front & reverse, Postcard Carte Postale Kodak, RAF airman standing full length in desert uniform, handwritten on front ‘Love Ted’ & handwritten on reverse ‘Just got my knees brown, and sand in my shoes, as you can see’ also…


An airman sitting on a camel with an Egyptian. Behind is a pyramid.

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An airman wearing khaki uniform with shorts standing on a balcony with buildings in the background. Submitted with caption 'Johnie Ottewell Cairo June 1946'. On the reverse 'Johnnie Ottewell on a balcony of the Heliopolis Hotel, Cairo, June 1946'.

Front half of a Hurricane with an airman sitting on top of fuselage in front of cockpit. Captioned 'Hurricane with Personnel - RAF Abu Sueir'. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

A membership card for Rex Searle at the Tennis Club, RAF Aboukir, 1943-44


Alec is squatting and holding the dog up on two legs. On the reverse '1/2/46 Alec at Merv Camp Cairo Egypt'.

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Five aerial photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is the three pyramids at Giza.
Photo 2 is of Stanley Bay, Alexandria with tiers of beach cabins.
Photo 3 is a of Alexandria city centre with a eleven story building. In the distance is a bay and a…

A large group of airmen sitting and standing in four rows all wearing khaki uniform. In the background trees and a building. Captioned Armoury Section. Abu Sueir, 1944'.
Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Two men standing by their bikes. Behind are a row of palm trees. On the reverse 'Arthur and Jack Tour de Egypt. May. 1947.'


Aswan low dam with sluices open and Nile water flowing out.

Identification kindly provided by Gianluca Mazzanti of the Archeologi dell’Aria research group.

A port side view of a York on the ground. It is annotated 'Mountbatten's York visiting Cairo'. In front is a guard in khaki and shorts.


Front quarter view of a B-24 with three men standing in front. Captioned 'Liberator Bomber and Personnel - RAF Abu Sueir'.
Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

A port side view of a LIberator on the ground. It has the code 'AY' on the rear fuselage. On the reverse is 'L. McCarthy J45845 (Bomb Aimer) 246 Madison St, Winnipeg Man. at the Suez Canal [indecipherable]'.

Four men looking out of the starboard waist gunner window of a B-24. Captioned 'Liberator Bomber with Personnel - RAF Abu Sueir'. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Magazine of 48 Air School, South Africa. On the front cover is written: '1801494 LAC ROYALL G.L. 27/6/43'. The magazine contains articles of local and war news, a description of what life is currently like in Britain, photographs of key personnel at…

The railway station at Cairo at Bab el Haded Square.

A vertical aerial photograph of the battle area at El Alamein. Much of the detail is obscured by a flash. It is captioned 'B.A.40 NT 1/2/11/42.8-->6500.Battle Area' and annotated 'Battle Area. A flash illuminates the road and railway'.

A vertical aerial photograph taken during the battle at El Alamein. It is captioned 'BA 40 NT 29/30-10-42. F8" --> 6,000' Battle Area' and annotated 'Battle Area. 3 sticks of bombs and burning transport'.
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