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Churchill being received by officers as he leaves a Dakota.

An obituary published in the Times with a second cutting with a correction from an air vice-marshal.

Menu with bomber aircraft at top and three squadrons named - title 16 days middle east. Several named Mediterranean towns. Signatures on the reverse.

Top left - distant figure of an airmen standing in ruins. Captioned 'Don exploring'.
Top right - four airmen standing by ruined stone wall. Captioned 'David periously [sic] on the brink of the tomb'.
Bottom left - airman sitting on statue with…

Title 'at Mena'.
Top left - three airmen in front of pyramid. Captioned 'outside Mena hotel; (the road leading to pyramids)'.
Top right - three airmen wearing khaki uniform and side caps with pyramid in the background.
Bottom - view from inside…

Top - in the foreground right, the front of a Halifax taxiing. In the distance, other bombers.
Bottom left - a ship in canal, captioned 'Suez Canal'.
Bottom centre - two airmen wearing khaki shorts and shirts standing in front of palm tree.…


List airmen for movements in and out as well as leave.

From YMCA HQ MEF Cairo. Receipt for parcel from Mrs M Powell.

Invitation form CMC sergeants mess RAF Shallufa, and ticket to dance at the Maltese club Suez.

Certified that Flight Sergeant Powell was tested and proficient in handling club Dinghy at Moascar other ranks sailing club.

Receipt for watch from MCA watch maker shop at Ismailia.

At RAF Abu Suier. Made out for Flight Sergeant Powell N. from April to December 1946. Two similar forms The second covers January and February 1946.

Top left - airman wearing battledress standing by gate in wooden fence with house in the background. Captioned '?'. Top left/centre - man wearing civilian jacket and tie by the fuselage of a York. Captioned 'Postwar ? Cosford'. Top right/centre -…

Top left - large group of airmen wearing battledress posing in front of a B-24. Captioned 'Don't know, early lib with front turret, UK Sqdn? Blue uniform'.
Top centre - man holding sheet in sailing boat. Captioned 'on Lake Timsa, 45'.
Top right -…

Top left - B-24 parked on airfield, captioned '104 a/c Foggia 45'. Top right - air-to-air view looking down on B-24 with bombs falling. Captioned 'Bomb hit B-24 but plane survives, not our plane, taken in 44'. Middle left - three airmen two wearing…

An airman wearing khaki uniform with sergeant rank standing under the tail of a B-24. Another B-24 in the background.


An airman wearing khaki uniform with sergeants rank standing under the tail of a B-24. Another B-24 in the background. On the reverse 'Myself by the aircraft at Cairo West, 12:7:45'. Two versions of the same image.

Made out for Flight Sergeant N Powell for RAF Abu Sueir for 1945.

Made out for Sergeant N Powell at RAF Abu Sueir.

Made out for Flight Sergeant N I Powell N I at RAF Shallufa, Egypt.

Drawing of tree with birds and signs, list of food for dinner for sergeants' mess at RAF Abu Sueir. Signatures on the reverse.

Two maps. The first is of Egypt and East Libya and the second is of West Libya and Chad.

An officer bent over a horse silhouette, part of a model horse race. He is watched by many airmen. All are in khaki and shorts. On the reverse 'RAF Shallufah MEF. Victory Celebrations VE+1 day 9-5-45'.

A form allowing a flight from Heliopolis to Shallufa.
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