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A booklet with a listing of former pupils that died in the Second World War. It includes a photograph of the deceased and a brief description.

News-sheet of the Canadian Prisoners of War Relatives Association. This edition covers the danger of rumours, editorial policy on letters, NCOs organise at Stalag IVB, Mrs Ian Campbell's work for POWs, Canadian Red Cross Prisoner of War shipments,…

The News Sheet of the Canadian Prisoner of War Relatives Association. This edition covers Victory in Europe, the death of President Roosevelt, the liberation of Canadian POWs, assembly centres for released POWs, the seizure of German POW records,…

Article headlines: 'allies fighting in Jap Burma base', 'mortars and machine-guns', 'Japs cut off Chinese city', 'Mr Churchill's right hand man' (Lt Gen Sir Hastings L Ismay promoted).

Four photographs, first group at a party, reverse captioned 'Xmas dance 1969, Viking, Hong Kong. Viking Bar 1969'.
Second is Jack relaxing in a chair, reverse, with date stamp 16.3.70,
Third is of Jack with a lady at a party, reverse captioned…

Three photographs, first two are colour of Jack at a party, reverse captioned, 'Hyatt Hotel Hong Kong Xmas 69'.
Third is colour photograph of Jack with an aircrew member in flying gear standing in front of Whirlwind, reverse captioned 'Kai Tak Hong…

Four photographs, first Jack on the dance floor with woman, reverse, captioned 'Kai Tak Hong Kong, 1969'.
The remaining three are colour photographs of Jacks family.

Three photographs, first Jack talking to individual, blocks of flats in background, reverse captioned, 'Kai Tak Hong Kong 1970, Self and Sgt Ivor Hawkins'.
Second is of Jack with individual and building entrance in background, reverse captioned,…


Two photographs, first Jack with a group of senior officers, with line of tradesmen. Reverse captioned 'Air Marshall, air commander F.E.A.F., Hong Kong Dec 1970, Station Cmdr Air Comm Godwin, O.C. Mech eng Fl Lt Candy, C/T Tony Powell, Sgt Roy…

Two photographs, first Jack with senior officers, reverse captioned 'Get your hair cut - Sir!! Lt General Sir Richard Ward, Commander British Forces H.K.'
Second is of Jack with a group of senior officers on a formal visit, talking to a group of…

Two photographs, Jack with senior officers, and SNCO's in a hangar, reverse captioned 'Sgt Morrison, Sgt Hawkins, Sgt Anderson, C/T Hendren'. Also has the official unit stamp of RAF Kai Tak.
Second is Jack with senior officers viewing the interior…

Two photographs, Jack with several officers in a hangar, Whirlwind and items of equipment visible in second photograph, Reverse, captioned, 'Kai Tak, Hong Kong, 1970'.

Two photographs, Jack with many others in a hangar, formal visit from senior officer, reverse captioned 'Air Marshall Sir Foxley -Norris 1970'. Also has official unit stamp RAF Kai Tak.

Three photographs, first Jack with two others, reverse captioned 'Kai Tak Mess, Hong Kong, Dining In 1970, Sgt Anderson, Self, A.L.M. Mildren'. Second, Jack with two civilians, reverse captioned 'Kai Tak Mess, Hong Kong, Xmas 1970'.
Third is Jack…

Three photographs, two of Jack on the dance floor, reverse captioned 'Kai Tak Mess, Hong Kong, Xmas 1970, Dot Green and self'. Also has photographers stamp Mainland Studio, 44 Carnarvan Road, 1st Floor, Kowloon.
Third is of Jack and others seated…

Two photographs of Jack with a visiting senior officer, reverse captioned 'A.C.M. Burnett, A.M.P.' . Also has the unit stamp dated 28 Sept 1971.

Album pages, series of photographs of SNCO's and their wives, reverse captioned 'Farewell party Hong Kong Dec 71'. It also has photographers stamp, Mainland Studio, 44 Carnarvon Road, 1st foor, Kowloon.

Head and shoulders, reverse captioned 'Kai Tak, Hong Kong 1970'.

Jack making a presentation of a unit badge and a photograph of a ship to a fellow Warrant Officer. The reverse has the official unit stamp for RAF Kai Tak dated 28 April 1971.

Album pages containing photographs of a family wedding in Hong Kong. None of them captioned, on the reverse is a photographers stamp, Mainland Studio, Kowloon.

Senior officer signing book, Jack in attendance, reverse has official stamp from RAF Kai Tak.

Five airmen lined up in hangar, senior officer visiting, Jack in attendance. Reverse has official unit stamp from RAF Kai Tak.

Jack at his desk, covered in paper work, pen in hand, reverse has official unit stamp from RAF Kai Tak.

Colour photograph of Hong Kong with an aircraft on the approach to the airfield.

Newspaper clipping photograph from Hong Kong Standard August 1976 Shows Jack with two aircrew and three young men walking away from a Wessex, captioned 'AIR scout troop members with officials at R.A.F. Kaitak'.
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