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Three page letter envelope from John Brittain to his mother. He mentions the bad weather and that he might sell his car. He tells her of the devastation that he has seen while flying over Germany.

Flying log book for J T Brittain, air gunner, covering the period from 20 may 1944 to 14 July 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF Morpeth, RAF Silverstone, RAF Turweston, RAF Chedburgh, RAF North…

Extracts cover thirteen wartime bombing operations and four Operation Manna supply drops as well as three post war prisoner of war repatriation flights. Details include number of aircraft involved, weather, bomb load, marking seen, operational…

Starts with domestic matters. Writes about recent operation to Heligoland which was unopposed. Raid involved 1000 Lancasters dropping 5000 tons of bombs on submarine pens and enemy troops. Mentions that he was on operation to Bremen the previous day.…

Starts with apologies and arrangements for upcoming events. Mentions no operations since Bremen but is now doing supply drops in the Netherlands. States he has done 13 2/3 operations but missed his crews last three due to illness. Talks of taking a…

Map (Newcastle to Prague) showing route from Cambridge to between Rotterdam and the Hague, marked with arrows 'supply dropping areas'. Route continues to Wesel, Onsnabruck, Bremen, Hamburg, Hannover, Bielefeld, Hamm, Dortmund, Essen and return to…

Navigator's, air bomber's and air gunner's flying log book for Jack Warner, flight engineer. Covering the period from 2 July 1943 to 28 January 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF Topcliffe, RAF Leeming,…

Reconnaissance photograph of Heligoland after bombing, with most buildings and port facilities destroyed and large plumes of smoke from fires.

Additional information about these items was kindly provided by the donor.

Target photograph of Helgoland. Explosions cover almost the whole frame, with some port facilities visible top right.

Royal Australian Air Force flying log book for Laurence Larmer covering the period from 7 April 1943 to 3 August 1945. Detailing flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAAF Benalla, RCAF Dauphin, RAF Fair Oaks, RAF Banff, RAF…

1 - news cutting concerning a 92 year old Second World War veteran penning an apology for bombing German cities. 2 - letter from Laurence Larmer while offering no apology, regretting that the operation he flew on 11 April 1945 resulted in the loss of…

Newcastle to Prague captains of aircraft map showing route from just north of Hull across the North Sea to Wangerooge island. Includes timings and call signs.


Target photograph of Wangerooge with coastline running middle left to top right. Buildings below with clouds or bomb explosions obscuring bottom right. Captioned '3273 LCF 25-4-45//8" 8000 [censored] Wangerooge(B). Y. 9AMN59DT.4MC500DT [censored],…

Reconnaissance photograph of Helgoland with port facilities visible.

Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Navigators, air bombers, air gunners and flight engineers flying log book for Basil Ambrose, flight engineer, covering the period from 5 July 1944 to 11 July 1946. Detailing engineers training, flying training and operations flown and post war…

Target photograph of Flushing. Port area, breakwater, docks, quays, bomb explosions and disturbed water visible. Captioned '8°F', '5B', '3205 SKELL.11.10.44.// 8" 5000' [arrow] 272° 1458 FLUSHING 96RD.C.11X1000.4X500.C23secs.F/O ABBOTT.C.61.'. On…

Observer's and air gunner's flying log book for Donald Cochrane from 10 January 1944 to 31 August 1944. Detailing training schedule, instructional duties and operations flown. Served at RAF Stradishall, RAF Feltwell, RAF Binbrook and RAF Seighford.…

A handwritten list of Don Cochrane's first tour. It comprises a short paragraph for each of the 29 operations he undertook. Included are four maps with bombs indicating his targets.

Target photograph of Flushing. Port area, partially obscured by cloud but quays and a ship are visible. Caption '8°F', '7B', '3282 SKELL.11.10.44.// 8" 7000' [arrow] 330° 1514 FLUSHING 106RD.T.11X1000.4X500.C23secs.S/L FADDEN.T.61.'. On the reverse…

Target photograph of Flushing. Crossing coastline, bomb explosions, airborne debris clearly visible. Captioned '8° F', '5B]', '3188 SKELL.7.10.44.// 8" 5500' [arrow] 055° 1358 FLUSHING RD.T.14X1000.C 21 secs.S/L McFADDEN.T.61'. On the reverse 'S/L…

Target photograph of Flushing. Crossing coast line but mainly water, bomb explosions and disturbed water visible but no clear detail. Captioned '8°F', '5B', '3394 SKELL.23.10.44//8" 4000 [arrow] 148° 1613 FLUSHING RD.D.14 X 1000.C20secs. F/O. BAIN.…

Target photograph of Flushing. Crossing coast line, craters, lakes, disturbed water, roads and field boundaries clearly visible. Captioned '11B2ND', '3190. SKELL. 7.10.44.// 8" 5500' [arrow] 055° 1358. FLUSHING RD.T.14X1000.C 21 secs.S/L…

Shows two bomb loads, one for four aircraft the other for ten aircraft. In addition a further one load for mining (gardening) for four aircraft. Details weapon settings including distributor and preselection settings. Also details Window, timings…

Shows one bomb load for operation. Details preselection and false height settings, weight, bombing height and other details.

Shows a single bomb load for operation. Details preselection and false target settings as well as weights and timings. On the reverse a sketch map showing aiming point, notes on target indicator and visual bombing.
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