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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Algeria--Laghouat (Province)"

Writes that she has not been well and comments on the weather. Writes that father was out on fire duty and and being wakened by man outside the house. Catches up with news of friends and mentions father might go to Skipton to get more information.…

Deeply moved message twenty-ninth gift unobtainable. Still eagerly await letter eleven weeks, love. Letter has corrections in red ink and message in French from post.

Wishing him a happy Christmas and best of health and luck for 1942. Signed Walker, Una and lilley

Birthday greetings from Lilley

Best wishes for birthday signed Calvert

Reports death in active service of Air Gunner Douglas William Randall who was previously a fellow inmate of Laghouat internment camp where he produced the camp newspaper and helped organise sport.

Sergeant observer J Douglas Hudson resting at home after being released from spending two years in French North African internment camps. Freed after British and American troop landings in November. Tells of force landing in Tunisia, internment in Le…

Account of release of two Burnely men (Ordinay Seaman G Taylor and Marine C Latham) amongst French North Africa nternees freed by American Forces. Both had been aboard HMS Manchester which was torpedoed in Mediterranean on August 13th. Tells of…

View from a hill of a military camp surrounded by a wall. Camp contains many single story buildings with arched promenades. In the background mountains. On the reverse 'Our prison camp occupied part of this caserne and was "barbed wired off"…

A wall runs from bottom left to top right with buildings and palm trees to the left and above. To the right centre a fortification.

In the foreground a square with many people in Arab dress. At the tear of the square a road leads into the distance with buildings on the right. There are several palm trees throughout the area.

A single story building set in a garden with shrubs and palm trees.

An alleyway with wall on the left and single story building on the right. Palm trees behind wall and buildings. Several women are walking in the alley.

On the right part of a low walled square surrounded on left and behind by two story buildings. A road runs up hill to the left of building behind square, Buildings on the left have multiple archways and a flag pole extending from upper floor.

In the foreground a wall military camp. In the background a forest and mountains

A road runs from bottom to top with buildings with multiple archways either side. At the end of the road trees. There are vehicles parked on the right side and many people walking in the street.

A road lined with palm trees runs from bottom to top. There are several people walking on the road and pavements.

In the foreground a town wall and gate with buildings behind on rising ground. In the background at top of hill a white mosque

Walled town in a valley, In the background a forest and other buildings.

An edition of Laghouat Internment camp weekly magazine with many articles covering a wide range of topics.

From W A Clayton apologising for not writing and giving reasons. Hopes he is well and getting some enjoyment from life and that he will be home soon. Catches up with news about someone in the air force and other news of family and acquaintances.

From W A Clayton writes that he is in their thoughts and that has little news as does not get out much and is concerned about what writing about things they should not. Sends Christmas greetings and hopes he will get home soon. Hopes he is fit and…

Reports arrival of mail with photographs, parcel dispatched, asks after books.

Reports arrival of letters and other message.
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