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A record of Sam's service in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Royal Canadian Air Force flying log book for aircrew other than pilot for Charles Arthur Hill Darby, air bomber, covering the period from 23 August 1943 to 13 August 1945. He was stationed at RCAF Lethbridge, RCAF Edmonton, RAF Bishops Court, RAF…

He writes he has moved 2700 miles by train. They stopped at Montreal for 10 hours. Food and accommodation was very good. They were met at Winnipeg by a reception committee. His journey finished at Lethbridge.

He thanks her for a cable which arrived via Moncton plus 13 letters from her and family. His new camp is a very high standard, as is the food and sporting facilities. He has been at a National Park in the mountains.

He thanks he for her letter. He works seven days a week and has completed his first week with 21 to go. He describes his busy life without time off.

He has been horse riding again in the mountains.

He writes saying it is very dry and dusty. His course has become more interesting with practicals and flying.

He thanks her for the newspapers she has sent. He has been practice bombing. They have been having sporting competitions and a dance.

He thanks he for her letters and poetry. They have been flying and buzzing farmers on their tractors.

He expresses surprise that he is married. He has been on leave but snow stopped his progress. He went horse riding in the National Park.

He has been horse riding and flying. He enjoys bombing and evasive action. He has four weeks of the course left.

He thanks her for her mail and newspapers. He has been night bombing.

He has had no mail and he is nearing the exam period. He has been doing a lot of flying. There has been a parade and an air show.

Ha has been to Banff on leave. After hitch hiking locally they hired bike and swam in the hot springs. On a flight their undercarriage stuck up but they landed safely.

He thanks her for her mail. He has left Lethbridge and is now at Edmonton. The food at his new base is good. An Anson crashed killing five crew and trainees.

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A group of 21 men standing in the snow in front of an Anson. On the reverse 'Lethbridge Back row 5th from left'.
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