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Top left - view across lake of distant snow covered mountains. Captioned 'Lake Minnewanka & Mt Giraid, Banff, 12.5.42'.
Top right - view down a lake with mountains left, right and in the distance. Captioned 'Lake Minnewanka & Fairholm Range, Banff,…

Top left - view down a town street with low buildings each side, mountain in the distance. Captioned 'Main street, Banff, Alta. Cascade Mt in background 25.4.42'.
Top right - view of river down a valley with mountains either side and in the…

Top - view of swimming pool with bathers in water. Pool surrounded by buildings. Captioned 'Hot springs baths, Banff, Alta'.
Left - two airmen wearing flying jackets standing in woods. Captioned 'Doug and Dickie, Woolfox Lodge 43'.
Right - and…

Nine photographs from an album.
Photo 1 and 2 are of a Bison preserved in a government building.
Photo 3 is a street scene, captioned 'Portage Ave, Winnipeg'.
Photo 4 is seven airmen and a woman grouped together at Winnipeg station.
Photo 5 is a…

Four photographs from an album, captioned 'Wild Bears No cages for these fellows'.
Photo 1 is an airman standing looking at a bear.
Photo 2 is a bear advancing to the camera.
Photo 3 is of two bears. Behind is a family of three adults and two…


Eight photographs and a tram ticket from an album.
Photo 1 is Banff looking to Cascade Mountain.
Photo 2 is the Bow river at Banff.
Photo 3 is the administrative building at Banff with Cascade mountain behind.
Photo 4 is the Banff Springs…

News-sheet of the RAF ex-POW Association. This edition covers the large Canadian reunion of 1985 at Calgary, the Annual Dinner at Lords, Recco report of ex-POW activities, requests for help, Alan Bryett's lectures, the Association's AGM and annual…

Photo 1 is a building captioned 'Banff Springs Hotel'.
Photo 2 is a mountainside.
Photo 3 is a house with a mountain behind and is captioned 'Banff Main St'.
Photo 4 is two men in a swimming pool captioned 'Hotel Hot Pool (Volcano…

Top - a lake in foreground with a large multistory hotel on the left. Trees on the lakeside and mountains in the background. Captioned 'Lake Louise in summer'. Bottom - a large turreted multistory hotel on the right surrounded by trees and mountains…

Top - a large multistory hotel in a valley in the foreground with mountains either side and in the background. Annotated 'Bow river valley and Banff Springs Hotel'. Captioned 'In Summer'. Bottom left - car parked in deep snow with snow covered…

Top left - trees with mountains in the background. Bottom left - trees with mountains in the background. Captioned 'From Hot Springs near Banff'. Top right - car parked on snow covered road with valley on the left and mountains behind. Bottom right…

Top left - iced lake or river with trees and mountains in the background. Top right - tree lined river in the foreground with triple peaked mountain in the background. Captioned 'Three Sisters, Banff'. Bottom left - car parked on side of snow covered…

Top left- view of street with buildings/shops either side an large snow covered mountain in the background. Captioned 'Banff main street, Mt Rundle in the background'. Top right - view of divided street with buildings/shops either side an large…

Top left - a car parked at the side of a road in open flat countryside. Captioned '"Murf" Murphy & Eric Markham' Top right scene of mountains in the distance, some snow on the ground. Bottom left - taken from road with telegraph poles and mountains…

Ten photographs of Banff with snow and slush on the ground, one captioned 'Cave basin naturally warmed open air pool'.
Another, in colour captioned 'Banff 1996'.
A cartoon shows a soap box car, captioned 'Canadian paper 1942'.

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Daily entries for most of year 1941, First half of year entries cover events in England before joining Royal Air Force. Entry for May includes call up papers and travel to Stratford on Avon. June move to Scarborough. August to Wilmslow, sea journey…

Writes from Medicine Hat that he is having his first Sunday morning off. Writes of flying schedule, early starts, poor weather and lack of winter flying kit but this has now been issued. Tells of Christmas excursion by train to Calgary and activities…

From Medicine Hat to parents' address. Reads 'Gone solo Harvard Xmas Calgary Banff hired car wonderful scenery thanks cable many letters = Hedley Madgett'.

Writes from Medicine Hat thanking them for letters and asking them to continue writing; he is unable to reciprocate due to work load. Started flying Harvard and does not think it is worth waiting for next course on Oxford. Writes about flying,…
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