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He has had no mail and he is nearing the exam period. He has been doing a lot of flying. There has been a parade and an air show.

A letter referring to the night of the crash and George's subsequent escape via Switzerland. He was caught while trying to get to Spain and sent to Paris. After the war he worked for the post office in Calgary.

Top left - view across lake of distant snow covered mountains. Captioned 'Lake Minnewanka & Mt Giraid, Banff, 12.5.42'.
Top right - view down a lake with mountains left, right and in the distance. Captioned 'Lake Minnewanka & Fairholm Range, Banff,…

Top left - view down a town street with low buildings each side, mountain in the distance. Captioned 'Main street, Banff, Alta. Cascade Mt in background 25.4.42'.
Top right - view of river down a valley with mountains either side and in the…

Top - view of swimming pool with bathers in water. Pool surrounded by buildings. Captioned 'Hot springs baths, Banff, Alta'.
Left - two airmen wearing flying jackets standing in woods. Captioned 'Doug and Dickie, Woolfox Lodge 43'.
Right - and…

Top left - view along railway track of mountains in the distance.
Top right - Banff view with buildings either side, St. Paul's Presbyterian church to the right.
Bottom left - view across a wide valley of open country with mountains in the…

Top left - view down town street with cars parked on left and right and mountain in the background.
Top right - view of skiers in valley with trees either side.
Centre - group of men walking through snow with tree sin background and part of car…

Top left - an RAF corporal wearing tunic and holding rings. Behind a table with children on the far side, building in the background. Captioned 'Cpl Dudrenec sports day'.
Top right - a Royal Canadian Mounted Policemen in uniform standing in the…


Top - side view of a deer with antlers. Captioned 'Deer in Wainwright park, photo L H Cano'.
Bottom - view of lake with hills both sides, Captioned 'Lake Minnewanka, No 57'.


Top - view across open country of snow covered mountains in the far distance. Captioned 'Foothills of Rockies'.
Bottom - view across town surrounded by trees, with lakes and snow covered mountain range in the distance'. Captioned 'Banff'.

View across river of buildings on shore with snow covered mountains in the distance. Captioned 'Bow River, Banff'.

Left - view down a road of a distant snow covered mountain. Captioned 'Cascade Mt, Banff'.
Right - view across a lake with trees on far side and a range of snow covered mountains in the distant background. Captioned 'Bow lake, Banff'.

Top - a group of native Americans in full regalia riding horses down a street with buildings on left and mountain in the distance behind. Captioned 'Indians in Banff'.
Bottom - view of distant snow covered mountain. Captioned 'Banff'.

1:506880 chart of Banff. Sheet 82NE

Left - a deer in street with houses in the background.
Right - a deer on a snow covered road with trees in the background. Captioned 'Animal life in Banff'.


Left - view across valley to distant snow covered peaks.
Right - similar view with a figure in the snow.

Left - view across a valley with surrounding hills. Captioned 'A view from lower hot springs'.
Right - two airmen wearing greatcoats sitting in snow with mountains in the background.

View down a road with walls with lamps om either side. In the distance buildings and mountains. Captioned 'Town of Banff and Cascade Mountains'.

River in the foreground with bridge in the distance. Hill either side and mountains in the far distance. Captioned 'Bow River bridge - Banff'.

A large building in the middle distance with mountains in the background. Captioned 'Banff Springs Hotel'.

Full length image of an airman wearing tunic and wearing skis and holding ski poles standing on snow with building and trees in the background. Captioned 'Banff, Ski-ing on Mount Norquay'.


Nine photographs from an album.
Photo 1 and 2 are of a Bison preserved in a government building.
Photo 3 is a street scene, captioned 'Portage Ave, Winnipeg'.
Photo 4 is seven airmen and a woman grouped together at Winnipeg station.
Photo 5 is a…

Four photographs from an album, captioned 'Wild Bears No cages for these fellows'.
Photo 1 is an airman standing looking at a bear.
Photo 2 is a bear advancing to the camera.
Photo 3 is of two bears. Behind is a family of three adults and two…


Eight photographs and a tram ticket from an album.
Photo 1 is Banff looking to Cascade Mountain.
Photo 2 is the Bow river at Banff.
Photo 3 is the administrative building at Banff with Cascade mountain behind.
Photo 4 is the Banff Springs…

News-sheet of the RAF ex-POW Association. This edition covers the large Canadian reunion of 1985 at Calgary, the Annual Dinner at Lords, Recco report of ex-POW activities, requests for help, Alan Bryett's lectures, the Association's AGM and annual…
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